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cover of the male domination storybook spanking and wanking available from battle annals


extract from the male domination storybook spanking and wanking available from battle annals


Spanking and Wanking

Mark and Jason sat in Mark’s flat drinking coffee on a Sunday afternoon. Mark was twenty two 5’ 11” 150 lb with a nice athletic body. He had short brown hair. Jason his boy friend was younger at nineteen he was 5’ 8” and 132 lb slimmer and lighter then Mark. Jason had short black hair. “Well what shall we do after the coffee?”, Jason asked. “How about some light wrestling?”, Mark suggested, “How light you’re bigger and stronger remember?”, Jason asked. “We grapple and see who can force the other one to their knees or right down more times than the other”, Mark replied. “Oh yes and the loser gets spanked I’ve got a nice couple of leather paddles to make it more interesting”, he added. “Wow lets see them then”, Jason said enthusiastically.

Mark went into the bedroom and returned with two leather paddles one was round and about the size of a table tennis bat but thinner made of supple black leather. The other was three inch strip of thick black leather about ten inches long with a shaped handle. “Wow they are both horny looking”, Jason said fingering the two paddles. “Well think you can beat me and use them on my arse?”, Mark asked. “I hope so I would love to redden your naked arse with these beauties”, Jason replied. “Well come on then lets see you try”, Mark said peeling off his grey Polo shirt. Mark the removed his trainers and stood up bare foot stripped to the waist in his jeans. “OK I will”, Jason peeling his white T-shirt off and kicking off his trainers and removing his socks. Jason stood up in just his navy adidas track suit bottoms with the three white stripes on either leg.

Ready?”, Mark asked raising his arms above his head. “Ready”, Jason replied stepping close to Mark and raising his own arms. They clasped hands and braced ready to grapple. “On the count of three”, Mark said. “One, ... Two, ....Three”, Mark said slowly. One the count of three they started to grappled flexing arm and shoulder muscles. Mark the stronger of the two pressed Jason hard but initially Jason managed to hold on despite how hard Mark tried to force him down to his knees. However as Jason’s arms weakened the pressure on his legs increased and they started to wobble. In the end Jason’s legs wobbled so much they just gave way and Mark forced Jason down to his knees. “That’s one to me boy”, Mark said smiling contently at having forced Jason down to his knees. “Yeah but only one”, Jason replied defiantly. Maybe boy, maybe?”, Mark said and let go of Jason.

Jason sighed and stood up both of their upper bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat. “Its the best of three so when your up to it?”, Mark said. “OK in a minute”, Jason replied. “Take your time you’ll need to if you hope to get me on my knees”, Mark said. “Oh I’ll do it one way or another”, Jason replied. “We’ll see mate”, Mark said. They waited a couple of minutes then Mark raised his arms again. Jason sighed and raised his own arms and clasped Mark’s hands. “You count to three this time?”, Mark said. “OK I will”, Jason replied. After a short pause Jason began to count. “One, ..... Two, .... Three”, Jason counted slowly and clearly. At three they both started to grapple again. Jason was struggling almost immediately Mark seemed even stronger or he was just more confident having forced Jason to his knees once already.

Jason resisted as hard as he could but with his arms and legs both trembling under the strain he knew he couldn’t last long. “Come you’re not even trying?”, Mark sneered as he felt Jason giving under his pressure. “Piss off”, Jason snapped irritably. “OK time to put you down again boy”, Mark said increasing the downward pressure on Jason’s arms and legs. Jason groaned as his knees gave way and he was slowly forced down to his knees. “Well boy what do you say now?”, Mark asked with a smug expression on his face as he held Jason down on his knees. “Let me go”, Jason replied. “Sure you’re not good enough to beat me”, Mark said. “Huh you only win because you’re bigger and fatter”, Jason replied. “Fatter more muscular you mean”, Mark replied flexing his muscles in a pose. “No you still look fat to me”, Jason said copying Mark’s pose. “That’s because you are a skinny runt”, Mark replied.

Well I think this skinny runt can put you down fat boy”, Jason said kicking Mark between the legs. Mark grunted and in pain and dropped the carpet hands clutching his aching balls. “Cheating little fucker”, Mark moaned. “It worked I put you down fat boy right down”, Jason replied. “It still counts as only one”, Mark stated. “Not in my book”, Jason replied. “No my game my rules boy”, Mark said slowly straightening up but still feeling sick in the stomach form the ball pain. “I’ve technically beat you already boy but I’ll make it conclusive”, mark added. “Yeah and just how do you do that?”, Jason asked. “In a minute let me get my breath back first”, Mark replied wearily.

No way I’m not quitting when I’m ahead”, Jason said. “Ahead how do you work that out?”, Mark asked. “That kick dropped you right down it counts as two”, Jason replied. “I don’t agree but two put downs to one leaves me in the lead?”, Mark replied. “Well this one will decide it in my favour”, Jason said. “How do you work that out then boy?”, Mark asked. “Because this one will also drop you to the floor and make us even”, Jason replied kicking Mark between the legs again. “Hey fuck no not again”, Mark said in shock as Jason’s foot shot between his legs. “Oh fucking hell”, Mark grunted as he was kicked in his already aching balls. Mark crumpled to the floor and lay there doubled up clutching his balls.

See you’re down on the floor twice”, Jason said. “That doesn’t you the winner you cheating fucker”, Mark groaned breathlessly. “Equalising cheating fucker”, Jason corrected. “Right boy you only got me down twice just like I did to you”, Mark stated. “Its best of three so hold your horses”, he added. “What you want to wrestle again in your condition?”, Jason asked. “Yeah and I’ll win no crafty dirty shots will beat me this time”, he added. “Ok lets do it now get up”, Jason said. “OK boy you’re on”, Mark replied climbing to his feet. “Come on I want to win this?”, Jason said raising his arms above his head. “While I’m still weak from the ball kicks I suppose”, Mark asked. “Precisely”, Jason replied. “OK but I’m going to win anyway and then spank your arse with the new paddles”, Mark said raising his arms above his head.

They clasped hands and started to grapple pushing and pressing into each others bodies. “You’re too skinny and weak to beat me boy”, Mark said as pressed against Jason. “Not now you are weakened by the nice two juicy kicks to the balls”, Jason replied. They pressed together chest to chest hard bulging crotch to crotch. “You really enjoyed kicking me in the balls didn’t you?”, Mark said as he grappled trying to force Jason down to his knees. “Yes but how can you tell?”, Jason asked. “I can feel your boner boy that’s how”, Mark replied. “Well I can tell you enjoyed me doing it?”, Jason said. “How so?”, Mark asked,. “Because I can feel your hard boner too”, Jason replied. “Maybe?”, Mark said. “No maybe about it”, Jason replied. “Well I’m going to enjoy this as well”, Mark said pressuring Jason’s arms and shoulders until his knees were trembling under the strain.

You’re going down kid we both know it”, Mark said as he kept up the pressure until Jason’s legs were trembling visibly. “Fuck you”, Jason replied defiantly but couldn’t stop Mark slowly forcing him down to his knees. “So I won’t win you said”, Mark said smiling as Jason’s knees touched the floor. “OK you won big deal”, Jason replied. “Yeah it is indeed for me boy”, Mark said. “Of course that means its spanking time for you”, Mark stated as he let go of Jason and let Jason stand up. “Lay on the couch I’ll start with the round paddle”, Mark told Jason. “You’re going to spank me then?”, Jason asked. “Oh yes I wouldn’t miss that for any money”, Mark replied with a wicked grin. “The couch”, Mark said as he picked up the round black paddle.

Jason stared at Mark then lay down on the couch. “Arms right away boy”, Mark ordered and tapped the round paddle against his palm. Jason placed his arms over the arm of he couch well away from his buttocks. Mark stared at Jason’s firm tight buttocks encased in the tight body hugging Lycra of his track suit bottoms. Mark swung the paddle a couple of times testing the weight then lined it up with Jason’s buttocks. “This is going to be fun”, Mark said. “Maybe for you”, Jason replied glancing back with a concerned look on his face. “You lost so you get the spanking”, Mark said as he brought the paddle down across Jason’s buttocks. “Owww”, Jason moaned as the paddle hit his arse with a dull thwack. Mark delivered another five quite hard and fast delivering three to each buttock making Jason grimace.

Mark started to hit Jason’s arse with short close whacks of the paddle alternating between arse cheeks making Jason pant and squirm in pain. “You know your skinny tight buttocks and a joy the spank”, Mark said as he continued to paddle Jason’s arse. “I wish I was paddling your fat arse I’d show you”, Jason moaned. “Would you boy?”, Mark asked smiling. “You bet I would paddle them red raw”, Jason replied his face flushed as he gripped the arm of the couch. “Funny you should say that”, Mark said as he pulled Jason’s tracksuit bottoms down to his knees. “Hey come on you fucker not in just my pants”, Jason protested. Jason’s brief tight fitting black boxer briefs were fully exposed and clung to him like a second skin clearly outlining his tight buttocks and arse crease.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 2011 full version available from were you can enjoy the rest of Mark and Jason's spanking adventures, where Jason has his revenge on Mark, spanking him hard. .

cover of the male domination storybook the lair of the cock master part 1 available from battle annals l


extract from the male domination storybook the lair of the cock master part 1 available from battle annals



Bret the Cock Master sat in his office awaiting the arrival of his new prospective slave. The Cock Master was in his late thirties 6’ tall with a strong muscular body dark short cut hair and a hairy body. He was quite well endowed with an eight inch uncut cock. The Cock Master was an accomplished dominant with years of experience at dominating other men he specialised in controlling teasing and torturing his willing slaves cock and balls. He was also more than capable of controlling teasing and torturing any other part of his slaves’ bodies. Bret was well called the Cock Master. Bret’s prospective new slave was called Jason Ramone. The Cock master read Jason’s application form again while he waited for Jason to arrive.

Jason was twenty three 5’ 7” tall with a lean swimmers build body he had short black hair and a handsome pale face. The Cock Master liked the look of Jason from the three photos he provided, one in briefs, two naked, one relaxed and one erect. Jason had a thin but quite long uncut cock just under seven inches long with a nice tight ball sack. His upper body and genitals were shaved a point Bret liked. Jason looked younger than his age in his late teens and Bret thought he would have fun with Jason’s lean young body. According to Jason’s interests he was into BDSM games with other men. He was a complete submissive always looking for another sexual high brought on by physical or mental humiliation and pain inflicted by other dominant men. Jason stated he was heavily into CBT play and good advantage but not essential as he would be when Bret had finished with him whether he wanted to be or not. Jason wrote that he liked the idea of being totally controlled twenty four seven and wanted to try it out and was sure that the Cock Master could give him what he was looking for.

I can sure do that and I hope you will be suitable, Bret through to himself when the buzzer on the intercom sounded someone was at the door outside the office he rented to hold his interviews. Bret checked the CCTV monitor on his desk it was Jason dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans and trainers. He could see the fear and anticipation on Jason’s face as he stared up at the CCTV camera.

Jason made his way to the office for his interview with the Cock Master. Jason Ramone a young total submissive was eager to be the new slave of the Cock Master. Jason had heard rumours read postings on bulletin boards about the Cock Master and what he got up to in his infamous lair. The Cock Master was considered to be the master practitioner of CBT play. The stories were legendary of the things he did to his slaves’ genitals. He had no lack of willing submissive slaves and becoming one was not easy the Cock Master was very particular in choosing his slaves. Jason was determined to be one of the Cock Master’s slaves and was heading for an interview with the Cock Master. Jason was excited and agitated as he took the lift up to the office indicated in the letter from the Cock Master. He was excited at the prospect of finally meeting the Cock Master. But apprehensive about being turned down as one of his willing slaves. Jason arrived at the office door tried to the handle and found it was locked he then noticed the intercom and pressed the button.

Jason pressed the intercom button his heart beating rapidly in his chest. As he waited for an answer he hoped he had filled in his application form and his photos and the information he gave about himself was to the Cock Master’s liking. “Yes who is it and what do you want?”, a voice asked from the intercom. “Hello my name is Jason Ramone and I’m here for an interview”, Jason replied shivering slightly in anticipation. “Are you the Cock Master?”, Jason asked looking round to see if anyone was listening. I think I have the right address on the letter”, he added holding it up at the camera. “Thank you Mr Ramone you may enter”, the voice said via the intercom. The door lock buzzed and Jason pushed the door open.

The Cock Master was sitting behind a large wooden desk there wasn’t much more furniture in the room beside the desk and the large leather high back chair the Cock Master was sat on. Only a small wooden chair in front of the desk and leather couch against the wall to the left. “Please sit down Jason”, the Cock Master said pointing to the chair in front of his desk. “Thank you sir”, Jason replied and sat down on the chair. Jason got his first good look at the Cock Master. He had lean wiry body and was wearing a leather sleeveless jacket that was open at the front exposing his hairy chest. He wore leather cap on his head with two silver chains around the rim and a silver skull badge on the front. Jason shivered slightly the Cock Master certainly had the appearance of a dominant master.

So you want to be one of my new slaves then Jason?”, the Cock Master asked. “Yes sir very much so”, Jason replied. “What do you know about me Jason?”, the Cock Master asked. “That you are one of the best Gay dominant masters and you specialise in mastering slaves genitals hence your title the Cock Master”, Jason replied. “I see you have done some research on me and that is good”, the Cock Master said. “In your research I’m sure you discovered that I am very particular over who becomes my slave”, he added. “Very much so sir”, Jason replied. “I note from your application pack that you are a total submissive who likes to be subjected to all kinds of CBT the more exotic the better”, the Cock Master said. “Yes sir that’s why I want to be your slave you are the best practitioner of CBT”, Jason replied. “Indeed”, the Cock Master said. “So I’m led to believe”, Jason replied.

OK Jason what makes you think you have what it takes to be my slave?”, the Cock Master asked. “Well I’m a fully obedient totally submissive slave who lives to serve any master who will enslave me”, Jason stated. “I’m willing to endure any pain humiliation or degradation you wish to inflict on me”, he added. “Do you indeed?”, the Cock Master said. “Yes sir I do indeed”, Jason replied. “Do you know that if I accept you as my slave you will be my total slave my property to utilise as I see fit?”, the Cock Master asked. “Yes sir I’m fully aware and completely ready to oblige”, Jason replied shivering with excited anticipation. “Very well I have to say Jason that I am impressed with your application and the photos of yourself you included”, the Cock Master said. “Thank you sir”, Jason replied. “You may address as Master from now on”, the Cock Master said. “Of course Master, .. thank you Master”, Jason replied.

You have not made the grade yet Jason but passed the first hurdle so to speak”, the Cock Master said. “Yes Master”, Jason replied. “Please stand up and remove your outer clothes slave”, the Cock Master ordered. “Leave your underwear on for now”, he added. “Yes Master”, Jason replied standing up. Jason kicked off his trainers and removed his socks and neatly tucked them into his trainers. Jason then removed his jeans and hung them neatly over the back of the chair before removing his T-shirt and placing that on the back of the chair as well. Jason stood next the chair in his white Calvin Klein boxer briefs with a red waistband. “Move back two paces and place your hands on your head and spread your legs apart”, the Cock Master ordered. Jason obeyed feeling his cock start to stiffen in his white boxer briefs.

The Cock Master didn’t say anything just left Jason standing their in his boxer briefs. Jason eyes darted around the room although his head he kept still and facing ahead. He noticed shackles on the wall opposite the couch and next to them an Andrews Cross with shackles on all four posts for securing slaves wrists and ankles and leaving their body spread-eagle. “Slave I like what I read about you and I like what I see”, the Cock Master said standing up. Jason watched the Cock Master walk from behind the desk and saw he was wearing leather chaps. The Cock masker had a studded leather thong on with a prominent bulge in it and leather boots. The bulge in the front of Jason’s white boxer shorts was now more visible and growing more so after seeing how the Cock Master was dressed. “Mmmn yes very nice lots of potential”, the Cock Master said as he walked around Jason eyeing him up and down.

Remove your underwear slave”, the Cock Master ordered. Jason removed his boxer briefs and hung them over the chair then return to standing straight with his arms at his side. “Yes nice better than your naked photos and I liked them”, the Cock Master said staring at Jason’s semi stiff cock poking out from is shaved groin. “OK now I’m going to put you through some tests slave”, the Cock Master stated. “Bend over and touch your toes”, he ordered. Jason bent over touching his toes and tightly clenched his firm buttocks. “Mmm yes nice very nice”, the Cock Master said running his hand over Jason’s tight firm buttocks. “OK slave stay where you are till I tell you otherwise”, the Cock Master stated.

The Cock Master went back around his desk and opened the top draw took out a round leather paddle and came back to stand behind Jason. Jason’s cock stiffened a little more when he saw the leather paddle in the Cock Master’s hand. Jason tensed his body ready for the first blow from the paddle. It still caught him out making him gasp as hot pain seared through his left buttock. Five more hard blows followed leaving his left buttock dark red and smarting. The Cock Master then delivered six whacks to Jason’s right buttock leaving that red and smarting as well. “OK straighten up Slave”, the Cock Master ordered. Jason obeyed his cock was now hard poking out straight from his groin. The Cock Master stared at Jason’s hard excited cock.

You will need to learn to control that more slave”, the Cock Master said. “Yes Master”, Jason replied his cock twitching with anticipated excitement wondering what the Cock Master was going to do next. Jason watched the Cock Master return the round paddle to the desk draw and take out a riding crop. Jason hadn’t seen a riding crop like it before instead of the leather loop on the end there was a square of leather and three inches by three inches. The Cock Master came and stood in front of Jason and placed the leather square under the head of Jason’s hard excited cock. “This is a wicked little crop nicely sized to use on the cock and balls of a slave”, the Cock Master told Jason as he stared down at Jason’s hard throbbing cock. “Hands behind your head legs wide”, the Cock Master ordered.

Jason obeyed his cock stiffening a little more. Jason watched the cock master lower the crop several inches before swinging it back up so the leather square hit the head of Jason’s cock. Jason winced rising up onto his tip toes as the leather square hit his cock head. “Stay still slave”, the Cock Master ordered as he continued to hit Jason’s cock head. After a few whacks Jason foreskin peeled back making the whacks more painful and exciting and he couldn’t keep still fidgeting and rising up on his tip toes. As the Cock Master continued to whack Jason’s cock head his cock got harder and started to lift up until it was nearly flat against his belly. Jason’s cock head was now bright red and sore looking with leaking pre-cum fluid.

Jason stood their conscious of how exposed and vulnerable is balls were with his cock pressed against his belly. The Cock Master rubbed the leather square head of the horse crop over the red smarting head of Jason’s cock and coated it with his pre-cum fluid. The Cock Master then raised the crop to Jason’s mouth and ordered him to lick it clean. Jason opened his mouth and used his tongue to clean his pre-cum off the square head of the horse crop. “Good well done slave now stand to attention eyes front and don’t dare move”, the Cock Master barked. Jason tensed coming to attention eyes staring straight ahead. He watched the Cock Master move from his sight and sensed him move behind him. The he waited heart beating rapidly his cock twitching excitedly to see what happened next.

Jason yelped in pain and shock as a line of white fiery pain seared across his right buttock. The Cock Master had lashed Jason’s arse with the shaft of the horse crop. Two more strokes left three searing lines of pain across Jason’s right buttock making him flinch as they connected. The Cock Master applied three strokes to Jason’s left buttock leaving three red painful welts across it. Jason gasped panting breathlessly his cock was now as hard as iron. “Do not relax do not move Slave I’m not finished yet”, the Cock Master said from behind. The Cock Master then came into view and stood in front of Jason. Jason watched the Cock Master lower the horse crop and gently touch the square leather head to his scrotum. Jason tried not to move but couldn’t stop and excited shiver that made him squirm slightly.

Eyes front look ahead slave”, the Cock Master barked as he lashed Jason’s balls with the square head of the horse crop. Jason let out a short gasp as crop hit his balls and filled them with the exciting sickening ache he liked. The Cock master gave Jason’s balls two more whacks drawing more gasps of pain from him. He stood there hands twitching behind his head trying not to double over from the sickening but exciting pain in his balls that was spreading though his stomach muscles tightening them up. Jason’s cock was now even harder and more excited leaking plenty of pre-cum. “This is very good for punishing balls slave it causes just the right amount of pain”, the Cock Master said as he whacked Jason’s balls again. “Not too much no crippling pain just enough to hurt and enough to test a slaves resolve”, he added whacking Jason’s balls again.

Jason didn’t need any convincing his balls were now really aching his stomach muscles almost cramping from the sickening pain that gripped them. Jason fought to stay standing straight and not bend over or move his hands to cup his aching balls but it was hard. He knew the Cock Master was testing him to see how many whacks he could take before disobeyed him and moved. Jason also knew if took many more of these painful but maddeningly exciting hits from the horse crop he would cum. As if reading Jason’s thoughts the Cock Master whacked Jason’s balls again. The whack was not as hard as the previous ones but the Cock Master kept repeating it over and over until Jason thought he would go mad as the pain was becoming unbearable and he was on the brink of ejaculation.

Jason managed to endure two more whacks before he hunched over groaning and panting heavily. He had disobeyed the Cock Master but pleased he hadn’t cupped his balls as well. “You moved slave stand up immediately”, the Cock Master ordered. Wincing and sucking in deep breaths Jason slowly straightened up arms fortunately still behind his head. “You did well slave to take so many whacks without moving”, the Cock Master said. “Thank you Master”, Jason croaked in reply. “But my slaves have to be able to take even more”, the Cock Master stated. “Think you are up to it slave?”, the Cock Master asked. “Yes Master I think so”, Jason replied breathlessly. “You better be sure Slave”, the Cock Master said whacking Jason’s balls again but this time much harder.

That whack really hurt and Jason grunted and half hunched over before slowly straightening up again. As soon as Jason straightened up the Cock Master whacked his balls again. “Ohh fucking hell”, Jason grunted as his cock exploded shooting three jets of spunk onto his belly. “OK slave lay down on the couch”, the Cock Master ordered. Jason stumbled over and lay on the leather couch. The Cock Master secured Jason’s wrists and ankles in leather cuffs leaving his naked body exposed and defenceless. Jason lay naked and bound on the couch his cock still hard and excited despite having just ejaculated. Jason watched the Cock Master return the horse crop to the draw in his desk. The Cock Master removed and electrical instrument Jason didn’t recognise from his desk draw it had two leads with crocodile clips on the ends. He clipped one to Jason’s foreskin and the other to the loose skin under Jason’s scrotum. Jason couldn’t help wincing as the steel jaws of the crocodile clips bit into the sensitive flesh of his foreskin and scrotum.

The Cock Master touched a button on the instrument and it sent a very short electrical shock shooting through Jason’s cock and balls making gasp in shock and his cock twitched and hardened even more. The Cock Master pressed the button again but held it down and Jason screamed his body contorting and writhing wildly as the electric shocks seared through his cock and balls and his cock got so hard and red it felt like it was burning. When the Cock Master finally released the button Jason’s body went limp and lay wearily eyes vacantly staring his body drenched in sweat his cock almost steaming. The Cock Master put the instrument down and to Jason’s horror clasped his sore red burning cock that was standing straight up from his groin despite the intense burning pain in it.

The Cock Master mercilessly wanked Jason’s sore burning cock hard until he made him cum. “Well done Slave you may get dressed when you get your breath back”, the Cock Master said freeing Jason wrists and ankles. While Jason lay panting and sweating on the couch getting his breath back the Cock Master returned the shocking instrument to the draw in his desk and sat down behind it. It about five minutes for Jason to recover enough to feel like moving. He sat up wincing as he placed weight on his sore buttocks. He got up and walked to the chair and slipped his clothes back before sitting down. “I will take you on as one of my slaves if you still want to do it after my little tests”, the Cock Master told Jason. “That was just a very small example of how I treat my slaves you can expect that and much more if you become one of my slaves”, he added. “Thank you Master I do want to be one of your slaves”, Jason replied.

OK Jason I’m giving you one last chance to change your mind and pull out you can walk away no questions asked”, the Cock Master stated. “But once you have signed on the dotted line you become my slave my property with no chance of reprieve”, the Cock Master added. “I want to be your slave Master I will sign”, Jason said his voice trembling with excitement. “OK you will when you sign these three forms at the bottom where marked”, the Cock Master replied sliding three documents over the desk to Jason. “The first is your legally binding contract of enslavement”, the Cock Master said as Jason nodded and signed the form. “The second if giving my lawyers power of attorney over your affairs to wind them up and transfer every thing to me”, the Cock Master said removing the first form. Jason signed the form. “The last is a letter for friends and family explaining you have left the country and do not know when you will return etc”, the Cock Master said.

Jason nodded and with a shaky hand signed the last form and the Cock Master took it away. “OK Jason you are now my slave empty your pockets”, the Cock Master said. Jason placed his wallet and apartment keys on the desk. “Now strip slave”, the Cock Master ordered. “Yes Master”, Jason replied and stripped naked. “Stand to attention eyes front slave”, the Cock Master ordered. While Jason stood to attention the Cock Master collected his clothes wallet and keys and placed them in a cardboard box. The door buzzer sounded and the Cock Master looked at the CCTV monitor then pressed to button to open the door. The outer door opened and two medical orderlies in white uniforms wheeled a hospital trolley in.

They have come for you slave to take to a clinic where a surgeon is waiting to circumcise you”, the Cock Master said. “When you have healed you will be taken to my training house to begin your slave training”, he added. Jason shivered in fear and excitement as the Cock Master’s words sunk in. His cock that had softened instantly hardened to a full erection. The two medical orderlies made Jason lie down on the trolley then injected him with a sedative and covered him over with a blanket before wheeling him out of the Cock Master’s office his hard cock tenting the blanket. The sedative was strong and Jason was asleep before they reached the lift and his cock had gone limp.

I think he’ll make a good slave with the appropriate training, Bret thought to himself as the medical orderlies wheeled Jason away on the trolley. But something has to be done about that over excitable cock Bret thought musing over the possibilities. He smiled yes that’s it perfect I’ll teach him chastity abstinence Bret decided. But of course that would be after he’d had some fun with Jason’s cock and balls and given Jason a little of what he was looking for. Chastity and abstinence would be a new challenge for Bret but he was sure he was up to it. Yes it would be fun training a cock not to respond not get hard not to ejaculate even to fear it. Yes what a challenge this really was going to be fun.

Jason spent the remainder of that day and the night a bed in the private clinic. There were no bed clothes and only a bottom sheet and pillow they left him naked. Not surprising as he was only a slave after all. The thought shook him a slave now he really was a slave the property of the Cock Master. A shiver of fear and excitement trickled down Jason’s spine and his morning wood hardened some more. The door to his private room opened and two male orderlies came in dressed in green scrubs and transferred him to a trolley. “We are taking you to the operating theatre”, the tallest one said. “For your circumcision”, the shorter one said with a smirk. Jason’s cock stiffen a little more at the though of having his foreskin removed.

Will the put me out”, Jason asked as he was wheeled along. “Oh no just a local anaesthetic”, the tallest orderly replied. “Injected in your cock”, the shorter one said with another smirk. “The Cock Master wants you to watch your foreskin being cut off”, he added gleefully. Jason remained silent the rest of the way to the theatre his cock getting stiffer as thought about watching the surgeon cutting off his foreskin. The surgeon was ready and waiting in the operating theatre and the orderlies transfer Jason to the operating table and secured his arms and legs in the leather restraints. “Nice cock”, the surgeon said staring at Jason’s fully erect cock.

The two orderlies smirked as the surgeon picked up a hypodermic needle and injected anaesthetic into the base of Jason’s cock. Jason gasped from the sharp pain of the needle entering his erect cock and it got a little harder. Then he watched it soften and shrivel as the anaesthetic started to work. When Jason’s cock was completely flaccid the surgeon drew a line with pen around Jason’s penis then took a strange looking device from his tray. “Its a smart klamp makes cutting your foreskin off easy and neat”, the surgeon said. The smart klamp consisted of a clear plastic tube that slipped over the penis and the foreskin was pulled over the tube. Then the outer cage was slipped over the top the surgeon lined the end of the plastic tube up with the line he’d drawn of Jason’s cock and locked the outer cage in place. Jason’s foreskin was clamped to the out side of the tube and the tube protected his penis.

The surgeon selected a scalpel from his tray and held it up. Jason watched heart beating faster as the surgeon moved it towards his cock clamped in smart klamp. Jason couldn’t help tugging at his restraints much to the amusement of the two orderlies. “Just a quick stretch and cut job nothing to worry about”, the surgeon said to Jason. “Yeah not that much to cut off now Doc”, the taller orderly quipped and giggled along with his partner. Jason watched in fascinated horror as the surgeon ran the tip of the scalpel around the base of the plastic tube neatly cutting through Jason’s foreskin. He pulled the bleeding redundant lump of foreskin off and dropped in a tray. “OK you can take him back to his room the smart Klamp will come of in five days”, the surgeon told the orderlies.

Five days later the smart Klamp was removed and three weeks after that when Jason’s cock was fully healed and no longer tender or sore he was discharged from the private clinic and taken to the Cock Masters play house. The two orderlies wheeled Jason restrained naked in a trolley into the Cock Master’s play house. The Cock Master was waiting for them as the entered and large room that could only be described as a torture chamber from the numerous punishment devices and implements it contained although the Cock Master called it his play room or one of them at least. “You may release him”, the Cock Master ordered and Jason was freed and stood up. “Welcome to my play room slave”, the Cock Master said. “Thank you Master I am ready to serve”, Jason replied. “Thank you gentlemen that will be all”, the Cock Master said dismissing the orderlies.

I’m going to restrain your arms the inspect you cut cock slave”, the Cock Master said. The Cock Master removed a leather restraint harness from the collection on one wall of the play room. The device consisted of thick leather posture collar that kept a slave’s head up and pointing forwards. There was a panel of leather attached to the rear of the collar with leather cuffs attached to the at the bottom one on top of the other. The Cock Master buckled the collar around Jason’s neck and them pulled his right arm behind his back and buckled it in the top cuff Jason’s left arm was buckled in the lower cuff. Jason stood with his arms buckled behind his back and his head held up by the posture collar unable to look down or to the side.

OK slave now to inspect the surgeons work”, the Cock Master said. Jason’s cock had stiffened to a full erection as the Cock Mater applied the posture collar and secured his arms behind his back. It was now poking straight out from his groin. Jason couldn’t help flinching slightly as the Cock Master took hold of his cock. Jason unable to look down rolled his eyes down as far they would go straining to see what the Cock Master was doing. The Cock Master lifted Jason’s hard cock up a little higher looking all around the head and shaft. “Oh yes very nice very neat and tight cut no visible scar at all”, the Cock Master said. “The surgeon was quite right about the smart klamp doing a first rate job”, the Cock Master added. Jason gasped in excitement and his cock twitched as the Cock Master tickled the underside of his cock head.

Well the cock head is still as responsive lets see about the rest of your cock slave”, the Cock Master said starting to wank Jason’s cock. Jason had found wanking much more difficult and less pleasing then before he was circumcised taking him long to bring himself off. He only experimented a few times over the last few days when his cock was properly healed and no longer sore or sensitive. The Cock Master used long deliberately slow strokes on Jason’s cock from the base to the tip. It was both exciting and slightly painful as his cock was dry and there was no foreskin to move back and forth. But as Jason’s excitement increased his cock leaked pre-cum fluid that help lubricate his cock. Jason was soon gaping and flinching at the hips as the Cock Master stroked his cock towards ejaculation.

Not quite as responsive but not bad”, the Cock Master said as Jason grunted as he ejaculated shooting a jet of spunk out of his cock. The Cock Master continued his slow laborious wanking of Jason’s cock producing several more jets of spunk and didn’t stop until he was happy he’d drained Jason’s balls dry. “Nice long ejaculation slave well done”, the Cock Master said. “Thank you Master”, Jason said breathlessly chest heaving as he panted for breath. “It still responds well to pleasurable stimulation lets see how it handles painful stimulation”, the Cock Master stated. Jason’s cock was softening and shrinking after his hard ejaculation but started to stiffen again at the Cock Master’s words. Although his cock was healed it was still slightly more sensitive than normal and Jason wondered how he would handle the painful things the Cock Master was liable to do to his cock.

Although apprehensive and some what nervous Jason’s cock still kept stiffening in excited anticipation of what the Cock Master was going to do. “Although I said pain this is pleasure through a little pain”, the Cock Master said selecting an electrical appliance from a selection on the wall. It had a plastic handle with a hollow glass tube screwed into it. The Cock Master plugged it in and turned a small dial on the end of the handle. The device immediately started to make a high pitched vibrating sound and the hollow tube was filled with purple ultra violet light. “Its a violet wand slave a nice little toy to tease any sensitive nerves in the body”, the Cock Master said as he moved the tip of the violet wand towards the head of Jason’s hard excited throbbing cock.

Jason tensed watched trying to stare down as the Cock Master moved the violet wand towards his cock head. By rolling his eyes down Jason cold just about see the end of the violet wand as it got close to his cock head. The high pitched whirring and glowing ultra violet light was both fascinating and frightening. Jason couldn’t help yanking on his wrist cuffs and fidgeting as the Violet wand got nearer his naked throbbing cock head. When the violet wand was about and inch away a violet arc shot from the tip of the glass tube onto Jason’s cock head. Jason gasped loudly the arc struck his cock filling it with the most intense feeling. The smell of ozone filled the air and the hairs on the back of Jason’s head prickled and could feel hackles rise as the Cock Master run the ultra violet arc all over his naked cock head.

Jason had never felt a sensation like it his cock felt like it was pricked with thousands of tiny needles that were driving his cock wild with excited arousal. Jason’s cock hardened and darkened as more blood was pumped into his already bloated erect iron hard cock. It was definitely a mix of pain and pleasure but the violet wand definitely had control of his cock making it harder and more excited than he could remember. He gasped and panted excitedly his whole body shivering as the Cock Master ran the head of the violet wand down the shaft of his cock towards his balls. The violet arc left a trail of tiny burn marks in its wake all over the head of Jason’s cock and down the shaft. When the violet arc touched the skin of his scrotum Jason actually screamed in excitement and shock.

As the Cock Master ran the violet wand over Jason’s balls and over the sensitive skin between his balls and anus Jason screamed even louder as his cock exploded shooting spunk across the play room. The Cock Master immediately moved the tip of the violet wand back to Jason cock head holding so the violet arcs struck the sensitive underside of his cock head. Jason screamed again and again as more jets of spunk shot out of his cock. The Cock Master kept the violet wand there until he was sure he’d drained Jason’s balls dry. Jason’s legs gave way and he dropped to his knees bending forward gasping and panting heavily feeling extremely drained and weary. “Not a bed effort slave now stand up”, the Cock Master ordered.

Jason groaned and with knees and thighs trembling rose slowly to his feet. “OK slave now the fun is over I’m going to teach your cock the meaning of chastity and abstinence well my denial not yours slave”, the Cock Master said returning the violet wand to its place of on the wall. He then sprayed Jason’s hugely erect purple coloured almost black cock with an aerosol. The liquid was very cold and made Jason gasp but it also made his cock soften and shrink. A few sprays of the liquid quickly reduced Jason’s rampant huge cock to a shrivelled tiny stub. “I have many male chastity devices slave from the benign well that’s if any chastity device can be called benign to the down right evil but highly effective”, the Cock Master said. “I think I will show you few to see what is in stall for your cock”, the Cock Master added. Jason had a twinge of fear and a cold shiver ran down his spine.

The cock master showed Jason a selection of his chastity devices as he liked to call them. “A pretty benign one as they go is the CB 3000B”, the Cock Master said showing Jason the clear plastic chastity device. “This ring fits behind the balls and the limp cock is enclosed on the specially shaped plastic tube”, the Cock Master added. Jason stared at the device thinking there was not much room for a cock in the curved plastic tube and not much room for any expansion and only a small hole in the front for pissing. “When the padlock is fitted it cannot be removed slave”, the Cock master stated. “However it has been know to be able to slip these off but not with these refinements added”, the Cock Master added holding up a small curved piece if plastic with points of plastic sticking out of the bottom. “Points of intrigue and they are well named slave with them attached you have to pull you cock past them while they are pressing into the soft sensitive flesh”, the Cock Master said. “Not at all advisable believe me slave”, the Cock Master added.

This is a French Cage”, the Cock master said holding up a curved stainless steel tube attached to a stainless steel ring it had a removable bar through the front of the stainless steel tube. “The ring fits behind the balls and the penis goes inside the tube, the bar is to stop the penis being pulled through the front hole”, the Cock Master said. Jason could see that the pin was necessary as the end was completely open. “Pretty benign a good training device”, the Cock Master said. Also when fitted with the bar in place it doesn’t require pad lock”, the Cock Master added. “When fully trained you will wear one of these”, the Cock Master said showing Jason very short chastity device consisting of plastic cage that encapsulated the flaccid penis. He then showed Jason a black painted steel version both were adorned by a brass pad lock.

Now we come to the more severe and much more effective devices at controlling a penis”, the Cock Master said holding up a stainless steel chastity device. It consisted of two rings of stainless steel linked together the thinner rear one fitted the behind the balls. The thicker front ring with a flange protruding from the front hard sharp spikes all around the inner circumference that would dig painfully into the penis if it tried to get erect even drawing blood if any attempted erection lasted more than a few seconds. Jason shivered in fear as he looked and the cruel device his cock tingling with excitement as he wondered what it would be like to wear. He knew the Cock Master would make him wear it at some point in his training.

Last but not least slave not quite a cruel as the spiked controller but a favourite of mine is the enforcer”, the Cock Master said holding another stainless steel chastity device. It consisted of a large stainless steel ring to fit behind the balls attached to a curved stainless steel ring that contained the flaccid penis. There were two semi circular bars fitted at the end that were linked in the centre to prevent pull through. Not dissimilar to the French Cage Jason thought. “You will notice the three screws in the main body these can be turned to apply pressure to the caged penis”, the Cock Master said with a wicked smile. “Don’t worry slave I will be starting you off with a couple that are less severe”, the Cock Master stated.

The first allows a full erection while keeping the penis caged and out of bounds to the slave”, the Cock Master said. “The second almost allows the slave a full erection while keeping it of limits to them”, he added. The Cock Master showed Jason the device. There was a leather belt that went around the waist at the front was a curiously but fiendishly shaped cage of thin metal bars designed to hold the penis in a bent back position bent back towards the body. Attached at the back of the waist belt by another leather strap that passed between the legs and attached to the bottom of the cage. The cage was hinged at the bottom to drop down when put on the slave and secured at the top by two brass clips on the belt.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 2010 full version available from were you can enjoy the rest of Jason's suffering at the hands of the cock master.

cover of the male domination storybook the misadventures of a galactic rent boy part 1 available form battle annals


extract from the male domination storybook the misadventures of a galactic rent boy part 1 available from battle annals



Rache wiped down the bar as he surveyed the small crowd in the large bar. It was quiet in between hyper ship arrival days. There was a small party of Endorans’ occupying one of the larger tables in the bar. Endorans’ Rache sighed, rash, sometimes offensive, but always randy and ready for sex. One of the Endoran’s signalled Rache calling him over for more drinks Rache hoped. However Rache knew that it was more like they wanted him as well as another round of their filthy foul smelling tipple. Rache was the barman and anything else a customer wanted.

Rache was a rarity in the part of the Galaxy he was very far from home in another quadrant of the galaxy. Human males were rare and much sought after in this quadrant. Human testosterone was a delicacy to most inhabitants of this quadrant they craved it and human semen seeking out any human male they could find for sex to fulfil their cravings. Endorans were one of the most rapacious races in this respect. From the way the Endorans eyed Rache as he walked to table left no doubt in Rache’s mind that they wanted sex with him, all four of them probably.

More drinks?”, Rache asked as he stood beside the Endoran who had beckoned him. Endorans where similar to humans in build the same basic shape and design. However the were more solid and heavier set coming from a world with a slightly heavier gravity than earth. Their most striking difference was the blue tint to there skin. Rache’s bar uniform consisted of a tight fitting thin singlet similar in design to the garments worn by twentieth century amateur wrestlers. However it was much thinner and tighter with very low cut sides and front. The material was almost like gossamer clinging tightly to Rache’s lean ripped, and well proportioned body.

The tight fitting thin singlet clung to Rache’s body like second skin leaving nothing to the imagination. His lovely firm rounded buttocks, flat ripped abdomen and large package could all be clearly seen through the thin sexy garment. “Yes more drink and more”, the Endoran replied running his hand over Rache’s backside. “OK its only a matter of credits”, Rache replied flinching slightly as the Endoran gently stroked his arse. “No problem we have plenty of credits”, the Endoran replied with a little grin. “Hurry back we are thirsty”, the Bazir the Endoran leader said handing Rache his credit disk and slapping Rache’s are as he walked back to the bar. “Ouch”, Rache gasped stumbling back to the bar followed by the Endoran’s raucous laughter.

Rache’s arse tingled from the hard slap and he could feel his cock stirring at the thought of servicing all four Endoran’s who were renown for their insatiable sexual appetite for human male and a loving of rough sex. Rache knew these Endorans just loved human semen and wouldn’t be satisfied until they had all drained him twice if not three times each. He felt his cock stiffen a little more and his nipples were now erect sticking out proudly on his half naked chest. God they are arousing me all ready is that all I am a slut is that what I’ve come down to a galactic rent boy Rache thought to himself. He was also aware that the small but highly efficient whips in their belts were definitely not just for show. He also knew before the long session was over he would feel their whips on his body as they demanded more than his body could deliver.

Rache poured four more drinks and then slid the credit disk into the teller matching selecting drinks and personal service for four. He typed in his own account number the owner only skimmed 5% off his earnings for personal services, paying him bonus if it increased customer numbers. Rache had been forced to offer sexual services to bolster his meagre earnings if he ever wanted to raise enough credits to get back to the alpha quadrant. I was a slow laborious task amassing the credits and Rache wondered if he would survive repeated episodes of long draining exhausting sex sessions with all the different aliens that lusted after him.

Rache returned to the Endoran’s table with their drinks and Bazir their leaders credit disk. “Ahhh yes one more drink and then the fun with the human”, Bazir the leader of the Endorans said raising his drink to the others. Rache stood next to Bazir his now half erect cock visible through his tight fitting very thin singlet. The four Endorans eyes stared at him looking at his body but mainly concentrating on his cock. Rache flinched slightly when he felt a hand touch his arse, it gently tickled his right cheek then moved up over his hip and round up his chest. A second hand touched his left buttock and move up to his chest. Rache felt his cock stiffen more as the two hands moved up his chest grabbing his nipples between strong gnarled blue fingers.

Rache let out a little gasp as fingers pinches his nipples making them hard. “Mmmmmm you have nice body for a human”, Bazir the leader of the Endorans said as he ran his finger up and down the length of Rache’s semi-stiff cock. Bazir leaned over the table and clasped Rache’s balls in his hand squeezing them drawing a little groan of pain from Rache. A shiver of excitement ran through Rache’s body as the four Endorans teased his body making him more excited. “The cute human is hot for it”, Bazir the leader of the Endorans said squeezing Rache’s cock peeling his foreskin back.

He teased Rache’s cock head with his finger making Rache gasp. “Yes human we are going to fuck you long and hard”, Bazir added with a wicked leer. “I am Bazir the leader of the group”, the Endoran leader said. “This is Makir”, he said introducing the second Endoran. “Denzak”, the third Endoran said introducing himself with a slight bow. “Enzire”, the fourth and youngest looking of the Endorans said introducing himself. “My name is Rache”, Rache said repeating the Endoran’s little bow. “You know what we want Rache”, Bazir said as four pairs of Endoran hands teased Rache’s body. “Yes I do”, Rache replied breathlessly his excitement increasing with their wanton teasing of his highly excited body.

The four Endorans downed their drinks in one quick gulp and threw the tumblers on the floor. Four pairs of hands pulled Rache down onto the table then pawed his body. They twisted and pinched his nipples another squeezed and pumped his rapidly hardening cock. A third hand played with his balls tickling them and squeezing them softly, the remaining hands tickled and caressed his body increasing his excitement and arousal. Rache’s singlet was quickly stripped off leaving him naked. The Endoran’s hands were all over Rache’s naked body playing with his cock balls teasing his nipples, squeezing his bum cheeks and probing his anus.

The Endorans attentions had Rache writhing helplessly on the tabletop, gasping with excitement. “The little hot human likes to be the fuck boy”, Bazir said pressing his forefinger up Rache’s arse causing Rache to catch his breath. Makir was wanking Rache’s cock and he had peeled the foreskin back and was teasing Rache’s naked cock head with his fingers. Denzak and Enzire were teasing Rache’s nipples and pec’s. Sweat beaded on Rache’s writhing body as the Endoran’s made him more and more excited.

The Endoran’s stripped of their lightweight brief garments, they were similar to Rache’s singlet but nowhere near as revealing. Rache couldn’t help staring at the Endoran’s naked bodies. The blue tinted skin was strange enough to any human. The Endorans had thick fairly coarse skin covered with fine mat of bluish short hair. Their skin felt slightly abrasive and rubbery like a shark’s skin. However his attention was mainly concentrated on the Endorans groins.

Their cocks looked large even now in their semi erect state. Rache was not that small himself about eight inches when fully erect. However they all looked larger than him, he watched transfixed as the four Endorans cocks quickly hardened to full erections. The smallest was at least nine inches, and the largest sported by the Bazir was an exciting but worrying eleven inches. “OK lets fuck the human”, the Bazir said with a lustful grin to the other three Endorans. They all returned his hungry excited leers and turned their attentions back to Rache who was lying naked panting with excitement on the table top.

Bazir grabbed hold of Rache’s legs and pulled him to the end of the large table. “Now I’m going to fuck your tight little human arse”, Bazir said as he rubbed lubrication onto his large bloated blue tinted cock. Bazir pressed his large blue finger up Rache arse lubricating the inside making Rache squirm as he fingered Rache’s prostrate. He lifted Rache’s legs up and spread them apart leaving Rache’s genitals and arse completely exposed. Bazir pressed his large dark blue bloated cock head against the opening of Rache’s arse and pushed it in a little way.

Bazir teased the opening of Rache’s arse for a few seconds stretching it with his large blue cock head. Rache tensed himself as he felt Bazir’s cock probing and spreading the opening of his arse. The alien’s cock’s now fully erect was massive it was around eleven inches long with a two inch girth. Rache only got a quick glimpse of this impressive member before it was blocked out. Makir climbed onto the table and knelt astride Rache’s chest pushing his large erect cock into Rache’s face. Makir pressed his hard cock against Rache’s lips and Rache opened his mouth to except the blue invader.

Makir pressed his cock into Rache’s mouth sighing softly as Rache sucked it hard licking the large dark blue cock head with his tongue. Denzak’s rough callused hand grasped Rache’s hard excited cock and started to pump it, his other took hold of Rache’s balls and squeezed them making him wince in pain. At the same moment Bazir pressed harder forcing his cock deeper into Rache’s arse. Rache moaned as the large cock stretched his anal muscles wide and he grunted as it forced its way past his sphincter deep into his arse. He gasped as Bazir forced his cock all the way home, Rache couldn’t help squirming he had never felt so stretched or filled before.

Bazir pulled his hard cock very slowly out of Rache’s arse stretching his sphincter muscle again this time very slowly and keeping it stretched longer. The agonisingly slow withdrawal really made Rache suffer, but aroused him even more. He sucked harder on the Makir’s cock pressed deep into his mouth making its owner groan with pleasure. Bazir’s cock finally emerged from Rache’s arse it left him gasping, almost choking on the large hard Endoran cock in his mouth. Bazir only paused for a few seconds before plunging his hard cock back into Rache’s arse, this time in one rapid push.

Rache grunted as the Bazir slammed his cock hard into Rache’s arse and pulled it out just as quick before driving it home again. Bazir started to fuck Rache’s arse with hard rapid thrust making Rache gasps a she hungrily sucked Makir’s cock pressed into his mouth. The two Endoran cocks were really arousing Rache, exciting him more and more. His cock was now very hard and excited. Denzak was wanking Rache’s cock with slow deliberate wanks, squeezing and teasing his cock head with every stroke. Enzire was working on Rache’s tits twisting and squeezing his nipples. Rache’s excitement was spiralling out of control and he knew it wouldn’t be long before them made him come.

Bazir fucked Rache hard pounding and stretching him filling him, making Rache feel filled, more than he’d been filled before. Rache breathless with excitement didn’t stop licking and sucking on the Makir’s large cock in his mouth. Rache felt his cock stiffen a little more a sign of his impending ejaculation. The sign was not missed by Denzak wanking his cock. Denzak stopped wanking Rache’s cock and slipped it his mouth instead. Rache shuddered as Denzak started to suck his cock. The Endoran’s hot mouth was the final straw for Rache’s highly excited cock.

Rache let out loud groan that was muffled by the Endoran cock pressed into his mouth as his cock exploded. Denzak sucked greedily on Rache’s cock squeezing and kneading his balls, determined to force every last drop of spunk from Rache’s balls. Bazir fucked Rache even harder when her realised Rache was coming slamming his huge hard cock in up to the hilt. When Rache came he stopped sucking Makir’s cock. Makir grabbed hold of Rache’s head and stared to fuck his mouth. The two Endoran cocks fucking his mouth and arse ensured that Rache’s ejaculation was long and draining.

Although Rache came long and hard the Endoran’s didn’t stop fucking him they carried on increasing the pace. Rache’s excitement and arousal didn’t end with his ejaculation in just cranked up a few notches. Rache sighed he knew that this was just the start of very long draining and exhausting session with these aliens. As Rache regained some of his breath her started to suck on Makir’s cock fucking his mouth. Makir let out a little moan and went stiff and his cock throbbed inside Rache’s mouth. The next thing Rache knew he was choking as he tried to swallow the long alien discharge. The Endoran semen tasted bitter and made Rache gag but he was forced to swallow it all or choke.

Makir pulled his shrinking cock from Rache’s mouth and left Rache gasping for breath his purple jism running from the corner of Rache’s mouth. Bazir was still fucking Rache’s arse making him squirm as he slammed his huge hard cock right home. Denzak and Enzire were still teasing Rache’s nipples cock and balls driving him towards another ejaculation. Bazir let out little moan and Rache knew he was close to coming. Bazir pulled his cock out of Rache’s arse and pressed in into Rache’s face. “Suck it human”, Bazir ordered. Rache opened his mouth and Bazir plunged his cock in.

Rache sucked greedily on Bazir’s huge excited cock that filled his mouth nearly choking him. Rache grunted as another Denzak’s cock was rammed into his arse replacing the Bazir’s. It slammed in and out of Rache’s arse making him squirm with excitement. Bazir’s blue cock throbbed wildly in Rache’s mouth then exploded filling Rache’s mouth with its hot bitter purple discharge. Rache coughed and spluttered as he struggled to swallow the heaving purple discharge.

Take, it take it all human”, Bazir said holding his spurting cock deep inside Rache’s mouth. Rache gagged as he swallow the long bitter discharge, he was close to coming again himself the Denzak’s cock up his arse was driving him wild. Enzire’s and Makir’s hands on his cock, balls and nipples were driving Rache wild with arousal. “The human is going to come again I can feel it”, Enzire who wanking Rache’s cock said. “OK get ready we don’t want to waste any”, Bazir. Enzire wanked Rache’s cock harder, mercilessly teasing his knobend. “He’s ready”, Enzire said to Bazir who quickly slipped Rache’s cock into his mouth. “Make him come good”, Bazir said. With Denzak’s cock slamming in and out of his arse it was as much as Rache’s body could take. Rache screamed as his cock exploded shooting hot white spunk onto Bazir’s hungry ravenous mouth.

Bazir pumped Rache’s cock hard making sure he forced every last drop of come from his cock. Bazir swallowed Rache’s spunk in frenzy of excitement. The taste of human semen to these aliens was like nectar, and the most potent aphrodisiac, it drove them wild with excitement. Denzak fucking Rache’s leered at Bazir as he swallowed Rache’s spunk his face a picture of contentment. “That was fantastic we must make him come again”, Bazir said taking Rache’s hard cock out of his mouth. Rache’s cock didn’t soften or deflate even though he had come twice. Some alien chemist had developed a drug that made the human male body produce copious amounts of semen allowing them to come many times more than normal.

Rache always had residual traces of the drug in his body enhancing his performance beyond what was normal. The drug put the human male body in over drive and if used too often would damage the body and shorter the users life expectancy. The alien didn’t care about this they only craved more and more human semen. Rache knew this, but took the risk as he needed to get back to his own quadrant. Alien were making him come so often now he really wondered if he would survive long enough to get back to earth.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 2002 full version available from were you can enjoy the rest of Raches's misadventures.