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cover of the lair of the cock master part 2


extract from a longer male domination storybook lair of the cock master part 2 available from battle annals


Lair of the Cock Master Tyler’s Fate

Brett the Cock Master had enjoyed his experimentation of chastity and abstinence with his last slave Jason Ramone and was musing what to do next and to whom. He never got to decide as it was decided for him. Brett had left a posting on a BDSM bulletin board offering to enslave and train willing or enforced slaves for rich owners to any specifications they required. He’d never had one single enquiry until the email from a female dominant asked for his help. Melissa as she called herself wanted Brett to capture enslave and train a man one Tyler Thompson. She wanted the straight arrogant guy to obey and learn to serve both female and males sexually. She would train Tyler to service females after Brett had taught him obedience and how to service men.

Melissa was sure the task would appeal to the Brett the Cock Master as Tyler was a red blooded heterosexual male chauvinist who thought all females were his sex objects. Breaking someone like Tyler and making him serve men she was sure would be a challenge he wouldn’t want to miss. Brett certainly was up for the challenge and the hefty fee as well. Melissa sent Brett detailed information on Tyler so he was able to observe his target and decide how and when he would abduct him. Also he had to decide just what he would do the Tyler once he was his prisoner. From his observations of Tyler Thompson he quickly realised that Melissa’s description of him was correct even conservative. The way he treated women who flocked after him and his vain arrogant attitude made Brett even more determined to break him.

It was clear that Tyler Thompson considered himself a stud and used any females admiration for him to obtain free sex from her if not other things. Brett realised in abducting Tyler he would be enjoyable challenge, also profitable as well as doing females a very good turn. Brett was going to abduct Tyler tonight as he left his latest fuck’s apartment house. Brett had watched Tyler Thompson go in like this a few times and knew when he came out in the darkened street when Tyler went to his car Brett would strike. Brett was waiting in the shadows when a smirking Tyler Thompson emerged from the apartment house. As Tyler bent to insert the key in the door look Brett grabbed his from behind and thrust a rag soaked with chloroform over Tyler’s mouth. Tyler resisted for a few seconds then went limp in Brett’s arms.

Brett threw Tyler Thompson’s limp body in the boot of his car and drove to home. When Brett got Tyler back to his play house as he liked to call it he carried Tyler down to the basement that he had converted into a fully equipped torture chamber and slave training room. Brett stripped Tyler naked and strung him up by his wrists and waited for Tyler to come round. While Brett waited he inspected Tyler’s naked body. Brett estimated Tyler to be about 5’ 9” and about and 160 lb he had a slim but well defined body. Tyler had black hair and his body was quite hairy with dense dark thatch of pubes around his groin. Brett started to tease Tyler lip cock and quickly got it fully erect pealing Tyler’s foreskin right back to examine his slick cock head. Tyler’s cock was about six inches fully erect. Brett turned his attention to Tyler’s balls fingering them noting that Tyler’s scrotum was quite tight. Brett spread Tyler’s arse cheeks apart to inspect his anal cavity. It was a tight virgin arse Brett would be the first to defile it.

A moan from Tyler signalled he was coming round. Brett turned all the lights in the basement off except to a spot shinning on Tyler hanging from a bead by his wrists. Brett moved back into the shadows so he couldn’t seen but could watch Tyler come round and see what his reaction was. There were a few more groans from Tyler then his eyes lids fluttered and he opened his eyes. Brett knew that all that Tyler would see was darkness around him where the thin beam of the spot light ended. Brett saw confusion in Tyler’s eyes as he tried to comprehend where he was. As his feelings returned Tyler groaned his whole body weight was on his arms and shoulders. Brett watched Tyler’s leg muscles tense and he stood up taking the weight of his arms and shoulders. Tyler was forced to stand on the balls of his feet to stop his arms and shoulders being stretched.

Brett watched Tyler glance around trying to penetrate the darkness out side of pool of light and see where he was. Brett could see confusion and a little fear in Tyler’s eyes. Tyler glanced down at his body and let out an audible gasp of shock when he saw he was naked. His cock was still hard from Brett’s teasing. Tyler shook his head in disbelief his face pale with shock. “Where the fuck am I?”, Tyler said to himself. “This is a nightmare it can’t be happening”, he added glancing round the room eyes wide trying to discern something in the darkness. “Where the fuck am I?”, Tyler said again. “Is there anybody there?”, he asked loudly. “I’m sure somebody is there watching me”, Tyler said peering into the darkness where Brett was standing as if he could sense his presence.

Where the fuck am I?”, Tyler shouted angrily. “Why is this happening to me”, he added shaking his head in disbelief. Tyler fell silent for a couple of minutes no doubt trying to fathom out what was happening to him Brett thought. “Look if I fucked your wife or girl friend I’m sorry but I’m sure we can work things out”, Tyler shouted into the darkness. “You are here because you are a slave”, Brett said stepping into the light. Tyler stared at Brett in shock. Brett was dressed in faded jeans, a tight white vest, black leather motor cycle boots and his black leather cap with the silver skull badge. “Who are you did you do this to me?”, Tyler asked anxiously. “Yes I am the Cock Master your slave trainer”, Brett replied. “Don’t be stupid”, Tyler snapped. “You can’t do this to me its against he law”, he protested. “Really I don’t see any policemen around to rescue you Tyler”, the Cock Master said.

How do you know my name?”, Tyler asked. “I know a lot about you Tyler”, the Cock Master replied. “Look let me go you crazy fucker”, Tyler demanded. “Tyler as a slave you will address me as Cock Master or Master”, the Cock Master said coldly. “Fuck you let me go”, Tyler shouted. “That’s fuck you Master or Cock Master to you slave”, the Cock Master replied. “I’m not a slave you can’t do this to me”, Tyler protested. “You are and I can slave”, the Cock Master replied. “Now call me Master”, he added. “Never you freak”, Tyler snapped. The Cock Master stepped forward and brought his knee up into Tyler’s balls. Tyler screamed in pain as the Cock Master kneed him in the balls. Tyler’s legs gave way and he hung by his arms groaning sickening pain filling his balls and stomach muscles.

Call me Master now slave”, the Cock Master demanded grabbing hold of Tyler’s balls and squeezing them hard. Tyler screamed in pain as the Cock Master squeezed his badly aching balls hard. “Now say it slave”, the Cock Master hissed as he continued to squeeze Tyler’s balls. “Master, ..... Master, Tyler croaked painfully his voice almost breaking as he swung on his arms desperately trying to escape the Cock Master’s grip. “That’s better slave now we can start your training”, the Cock Master said releasing Tyler’s balls. The Cock Master disappeared into the darkness leaving Tyler hanging by his arms groaning from the pain in his balls. The Cock Master walked to the wall and switched on the rest of the lights. He enjoyed Tyler’s gasp of shock as he looked round the fully equipped torture chamber and training room.

You are proud of your cock and your sexual prowess aren’t you Tyler and your hold over women?”, the Cock Master said a he walked back to where Tyler was hanging. The Cock Master had a steel cock ring that slipped onto Tyler’s cock sliding it right down to the root. Tyler squirmed clearly uncomfortable with another man touching his cock. The cock Master stroked Tyler’s cock making him hard and peeled his foreskin right back. “Quite nice but nothing extraordinary”, the Cock Master said as he fingered Tyler’s cock head making Tyler whimper with excitement. “You have used women for your own sexual enjoyment and pleasure now you will learn how to please and sexually service others”, the Cock Master told Tyler as he continued to toy with his cock head. “Your sexual enjoyment and satisfaction is no longer important”, he added.

You can’t do this to me this is outrageous”, Tyler protested clearly horrified by the prospect of being turned in a sex slave. “Oh but I can slave”, the Cock Master replied. “I think it time for you first cock sucking lesson Tyler”, the Cock Master stated. “I’m not sucking cock you sick gay bastard”, Tyler blazed in indignation and horror. “We will just have see about that won’t we”, the Cock Master replied. He wheeled a small trolley over with two dildos from his collection plus some lubrication. The Cock Master took great delight in showing them to a horrified Tyler. “This one is for you to practice one”, the Cock Master said showing the larger dildo to Tyler. “This one is going up your arse”, he added with a smile showing Tyler the smaller of the two dildos.

Don’t you dare you sadistic gay bastard”, Tyler snapped struggling frantically in a futile attempt to free his arms. “What you going to do to stop me Tyler?”, the Cock Master asked. “I’ll fucking kill you when my hands are free”, Tyler shouted angrily. “I’ll worry about it then”, the Cock Master replied. “Also your virgin arse needs loosening”, the Cock Master added lubricating the small dildo. “It will also encourage you to suck more diligently”, he said moving behind Tyler. “Don’t you fucking dare”, Tyler shouted twisting round and craning his neck to watch what the Cock Master was doing. “First things first though Tyler”, he said. The Cock Master brought a microphone stand on which he placed in front of Tyler and attached the larger dildo to it. The Cock Master then adjusted the height of the microphone stand so the end of the larger dildo was level with Tyler’s mouth.

OK now for your virgin ass boy”, the Cock Master said lubricating the forefinger of his right hand. The Cock master stepped behind Tyler and ran his forefinger up and down the crease of Tyler’s arse. “No stop don’t do it you fucking bastard”, Tyler shouted angrily twisting round to see what was happening and trying to pull his arse away from the Cock Master’s probing finger. However Tyler couldn’t move his arse very far with his arms secured above his head making it easy for the Cock Master to press the top of his forefinger into the opening of Tyler’s arse. “Ahh fuck, stop it, ... fucking stop it”, Tyler groaned his face grimacing as the Cock Master forced his forefinger into Tyler’s arse. “Try and relax Tyler it will hurt less that way”, the Cock Master said. “Relax it fucking hurts you sick cunt”, Tyler snapped. “Only at first boy only at first”, the Cock Master replied forcing his finger deeper into Tyler’s arse.

The Cock Master slowly forced his finger all the way in ignoring Tyler’s gasps and groans and his cursing and yelling. The Cock master wiggled his finger around in Tyler’s arse then slipped it out before applying more lubricant before repeating the action. With Tyler staring back in horror his face flushed and contorted the Cock Master used his forefinger to slowly loosen Tyler’s tight virgin arse. As Tyler’s anal muscles stretched and relaxed the pain eased but indignation and humiliation didn’t. The Cock Master moved his finger tip onto Tyler’s prostate and started knead it knowing the effect it would have on Tyler’s cock. Tyler had only got pain and humiliation out of the Cock Master sodomising his arse there was no sexual excitement. But he knew that would change.

Oh fuck what are you doing?”, Tyler gasped his face shocked as he felt excited surges shoot through his cock. Tyler stared down in horror as he watched his cock slowly stiffen. The Cock Master expertly kneaded Tyler’s prostate quickly getting him fully erect. “Look’s like you like it boy and its only my finger so far”, the Cock Master said. “No stop it, please, stop it”, Tyler gasped. “Don’t like being controlled huh?”, the Cock Master asked. “Don’t like being made to cum like a gay rent boy huh?”, the Cock Master added. “No this is illegal this is rape”, Tyler protested. “Of course its illegal of course its rape”, the Cock Master replied. “But your a slave it goes with the territory boy”, the Cock Master added continuing to knead Tyler’s prostate.

You like to fuck women to be in control to use them for your pleasure not caring about their pleasure”, the Cock Master said as he worked on Tyler’s prostate. “Now its your turn to be used by others for their pleasure with no consideration about your enjoyment”, he added. “Oh god no please, ...please don’t make me”, Tyler gasped his eyes brimming with tears of humiliation. “Cum but that’s the whole point boy you cum when I want you to for my satisfaction not yours”, the Cock Master replied using his forefinger to push Tyler over the edge. “Oh fuck, ...... fucking hell”, Tyler gasped as his cock exploded shooting spunk into the air. Tyler shook his head in disbelief he felt violated used, abused, made to ejaculate as hard as he could ever remember by another mans finger up his arse.

Well Tyler your cock works well boy time for the little dildo”, the Cock Master said slipping his forefinger out of Tyler’s arse. “No don’t, .. please don’t”, Tyler pleaded. “Sorry Tyler a slaves wishes and feelings don’t count”, the Cock Master replied forcing the tip of the small dildo into Tyler’s arse. “Oh fuck, stop, .. fucking stop”, Tyler screamed as the dildo spread and stretched his anal muscles wider. “No slave I’m in command here I make the decisions”, the Cock Master replied feeding the dildo deeper into Tyler’s arse. Tyler gritted his teeth and groaned as the Cock Master slowly forced the dildo right in. “You had better not forget that slave”, the Cock Master stated as he slowly drew the dildo out of Tyler’s arse.

The Cock Master continued to feed the dildo in and out of Tyler’s arse until his anal muscles stretched and relaxed enough to accept the invader without hurting. Tyler’s groans of pain slowly turned to moans of excitement. Tyler’s cock had softened after cuming and because of the pain of the dildo up his arse slowly started to stiffen again. “Oh no”, Tyler groaned wondering which was worse the pain of the dildo up his arse or the humiliation of being sexually excited by it. “Oh yes boy I’m going to fuck your arse with this until you cum”, the Cock Master said. “That won’t be long either I bet”, he added noting Tyler’s hard throbbing cock. “No please don’t, please”, Tyler begged. “I will stop when you start sucking that cock”, the Cock Master replied. “But do it well or I’ll start again”, he added.

The Cock Master stopped fucking Tyler’s arse with the dildo but left it pressed all the way in as poignant reminder. “Well slave?”, the Cock Master asked after few seconds as Tyler just hung there panting heavily. The Cock Master inched the microphone stand forward so the large dildo it was holding was now virtually brushing against Tyler’s lips. With a look of disgust on his face Tyler opened his mouth and gave the dildo a couple of licks with his tongue. “I said suck it not lick it slave”, the Cock Master barked grabbing and squeezing Tyler’s balls. “Oh fuck my balls please”, Tyler croaked painfully. “Then suck that cock slave”, the Cock Master replied still squeezing Tyler’s balls. With his face contorted with pain Tyler opened his mouth and slipped it over the head of the dildo.

Good start slave now suck it”, the Cock Master said. Tyler’s whole body trembled as he started to suck the dildo the act of submission shaking him to the core. “Good but take it in further suck harder”, the Cock Master said. “Use your tongue on the head”, he added. With his balls painfully squeezed and a dildo up his arse Tyler had little choice but to obey and tears of humiliation ran down his cheeks as he sucked the dildo as instructed. “Good we will make a cock sucker out of you yet slave”, the Cock Master said releasing Tyler’s balls. Tyler’s eyes gave the Cock Master fleeting fearful glance as he continued to suck the dildo. “OK now we can switch to the real thing boy”, the Cock Master said removing his jeans and exposing his impressive looking cock that was five inches when relaxed. “Its asleep you’re going to wake it up with your mouth slave”, the Cock Master said. Tyler’s eyes opened wide and he gave the Cock Master and haunted fearful stare.

OK slave to make sure you obey I’m going to change the dildo in your arse for this boy”, the Cock Master said showing Tyler a penisator and bummer both of which were connected to a battery box and speed control. “This clips on the penis shaft”, the Cock Master said attaching it to base of Tyler’s erect cock. “These touch the testicles and vibrate stimulating your balls and your cock”, the Cock Master added referring to the oval shaped lump below the clip. “This of course goes up your arse”, the Cock Master said pressing the bummer up Tyler arse making him gasp. “The shaped end makes sure it can’t slip out and it vibrates to stimulate your arse”, the Cock Master added. The Cock master removed to microphone stand and dildo and replaced it with a short step ladder stool. The Cock Master stood on the step ladder raising his height so is groin was now in line with Tyler’s face.

OK slave you are going to suck my cock while I stimulate you cock, balls and arse with this”, the Cock Master said. “The better you do the more I enjoy it the slower the vibrations will be”, he added as stared down into Tyler’s horror struck face. “Of course if you don’t satisfy me then the speed will increase and you will have to endure long bouts of arousal while sucking me and cum as many times as I can make you”, the Cock Master stated inching the head of his relaxed cock towards Tyler’s chin. “Its all up to you slave”, the Cock Master added. Tyler moved his head away then corrected himself as he felt the penisator start to vibrate on his cock and balls and the bummer up his arse. Tyler hesitated for several seconds as the vibrations on his cock, balls and arse started to make him excited.

Tyler’s whole body trembled again as he opened his mouth and slipped over the relaxed head of the Cock Master’s cock. The look of horror and disgust on Tyler’s face was a picture. “Its not meant to be for your enjoyment slave but mine”, the Cock Master said smiling. “OK suck boy suck”, the Cock Master ordered. Tyler gave the Cock Master’s cock a short suck it felt very different in his mouth to the dildo it was warm and had much different taste. It was also much more of a shock to have another mans cock in his mouth. “Come on you can do better than that”, the Cock Master said increasing the speed of vibrations in the penisator and bummer. Tyler felt his cock getting harder and he couldn’t repress a little moan of excitement. Tyler gave the Cock Master’s cock another suck then licked the head with his tongue he could feel it stiffening and growing in his mouth.

Good that’s better but more slave”, the Cock Master said as his cock stiffened and expanded in Tyler’s mouth. Tyler sucked the Cock Master’s cock until it grew to its full nine inches and he could only comfortably get less than half of it in his mouth without gagging. “Mmm keep going your getting there slave”, the Cock Master said as his erect cock throbbed with excitement in Tyler’s mouth. “That should make it easier for you boy”, the Cock Master added as his foreskin peeled right back. Tyler now licked and sucked the Cock Master’s bare throbbing cock head. “OK now harder boy make me cum”, the Cock Master ordered. When Tyler hesitated the Cock Master increased the speed of the penisator and bummer making Tyler gasp helplessly. “If you cum first slave I give you an hours session of the fucking and wanking machine then we will do this all over again”, the Cock Master warned.

Tyler sucked and licked the Cock Master’s cock as hard as he could and although it made him feel dirty and used he feared a session on the wanking and fucking machine more. Tyler tried his best but could feel he was losing the battle with the penisator and bummer he wasn’t sure how close the Cock Master was to cuming but he knew he was on the brink. “Come on slave you have nearly got me”, the Cock Master panted heavily. But it was too late Tyler couldn’t stop his cock exploding and shooting spunk into the air. “Did you enjoy sucking my cock that much slave?”, the Cock Master asked as Tyler ejaculated fiercely. “But now you have to pay the penalty”, he added as his cock finally reacted shooting spunk into Tyler’s mouth. Tyler gagged feeling sickened as the Cock Master’s spunk shot into his mouth. “Swallow it all slave or I will make it two hours”, the Cock Master warned.

With his face contorted in disgust Tyler some how managed to swallow all of the Cock Master’s spunk. “OK slave rest while I get things ready”, the cock Master said pulling his stiff cock out of Tyler’s mouth. “You’re going to need all the stamina and strength you have boy”, he added as he removed the penisator and bummer. The Cock Master left the cock ring on that was keeping Tyler’s cock fully erect. Tyler hung panting wearily from his bonds as the Cock Master set up the wanking and fucking machines either side of him. Tyler twisted round to look at the fucking machine it was long steel rod attached to piston the piston moved the rod forward and back attached to the end of the steel rod was a six inch dildo shaped like a penis with a bulbous head.

The Cock Master positioned the head of the dildo an inch or so away from Tyler’s arse then lubricated it. The Cock Master used the control to extend the piston slowly forcing the six inch dildo into Tyler’s arse making him moan softly. When the dildo was all the way home the Cock Master stopped it and retracted the piston pulling the six inch dildo out of Tyler’s arse. With fucking machine set up and ready to go the Cock Master moved in front of Tyler to set up the wanking machine. The wanking machine looked like a scaled down version of milking machine for cows. A plastic tube with what looked like a penis vacuum developer was attached on the end of a pipe connected to the wanking machine. The Cock Master slipped the tube over Tyler’s still erect cock pushing it down to the base.

The Cock Master switched the wanking machine on and it started suck on Tyler’s cock making gasp in shock as his cock got even harder. The Cock Master operated another control and the tube stated to slide up and down Tyler’s cock while continuing to suck on it. Tyler gasped excitedly as the machine expertly wanked his cock making it harder and him more excited. The Cock Master moved behind Tyler and switched the fucking machine on making the piston extend and retract forcing the six inch dildo in and out of Tyler’s arse. Tyler gasped helplessly getting more and more excited as he was wanked and fucked by the machines. Tyler began to twist and writhe as the machines marched him remorselessly towards ejaculation. It only took a couple of minutes of ceaseless wanking and fucking before Tyler ejaculated.

Tyler groaned in excitement as he ejaculated and the wanking machine milked the spunk from his cock depositing in small glass tumbler that could be removed from the machine. When Tyler stopped cuming the wanking machine kept going and he screamed as it wanked his highly sensitive post ejaculation cock head. Tyler yanked and twisted violently on his bonds until the maddening sensation on his cock head eased. But the machines didn’t stop they kept wanking and fucking him and Tyler knew it wouldn’t be long before they made him cum again. A terrifying thought dawned on Tyler and he wonder how many times he could cum before going dry. Tyler knew he would be dry long before the hour was up and knew he faced numerous dry ejaculations. He’d only had one before and that had been very exhausting and quite painful when a crazy woman had kept riding his cock when he was too weary to stop her nearly riding his cock off.

I will be back to check on you later slave”, the Cock Master said as he turned all the lights in the play room out except the spot light illuminating Tyler. The Cock Master left Tyler to the mercy of the wanking and fucking machines and they had none and they did not tire of stop. After a couple more minutes Tyler was twisting and writhing again feeling another ejaculation was close. The constant wanking was making his cock sore and although it hurt his cock still responded staying hard and throbbing with excitement. Tyler’s arse was faring little better the constant fucking with the dildo was maddeningly exciting but his anal muscles were starting to get sore. Tyler grunted as his cock ejaculated and the spunk was sucked away by the wanking machine and was deposited in the glass tumbler.

Fucking hell”, Tyler groaned his face contorting the wanking machine was trying to suck the spunk out of his cock quicker than his cock could release it and it hurt. Then Tyler screamed loudly as his ejaculation ended and the wanking machine kept wanking his extremely sensitive post ejaculation cock head. The second ejaculation was exhausting and Tyler’s legs gave way and he hung by his arms as the wanking and fucking machine continued their relentless assault on his cock and arse. The pain of the fucking and wanking was getting worse but his cock and arse kept responding keeping him highly aroused. It was very demeaning being fucked and wanked like this it was just a merciless rape and that made it all the more galling for a man who liked to be in control of his sexual activities. All the enjoyment of sexual release was gone but the machines kept him highly aroused they controlled him he was just their sexual toy.

Was that to be his fate the sexual slave of others providing their pleasure with no regard or need of his own the thought made him shudder in fear. As these thoughts revolved in Tyler’s mind he ejaculated again and groaned as the greedy merciless wanking machine demanded his spunk much faster than his cock could release it. There was a lot less spunk this time and a few drops trickled into the glass tumbler. Then the shocking thought pierced Tyler’s brain his balls were now dry. Tyler screamed helplessly his cock head was now more sensitive than he could remember every stroke of the wanking machine was pure torture but his didn’t soften is remained defiantly and painfully hard. Tyler’s arse was in an even worse position. Since his legs had given way his body sank lower the dildo was now rubbing squeezing his prostate with every stroke. Tyler’s excited arousal just spiraled. Sweating heavily, struggling to breathe, with his heart pounding in his chest Tyler wondered if he would die before the hour was up.

Extract from a longer male domination story by friar FFF copyright 2010

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Cover of the misadventures of a galactic rent boy part 2


Extract from the male domination story book the misadventures of a galactic rent boy part 2 available from battle annals


The Misadventures of a Galactic Rent Boy Part 2

Rache sat at the bar staring down into the counter lost in a day dream. He’d been on this planet for six months now earning his keep in the bar building up his credits serving drinks and offering other services to the customers. It could be another six months before he earned enough credits to by him passage on a freighter. Rache was alone in an alien quadrant of the galaxy and was trying to make his way across the quadrant back to his own galaxy. The small planet was as far as he’d got and he’d been here six months serving in a bar and offering his services as rent boy. Being human was a benefit as aliens loved having sex with or just playing with the male human body particularly the genitals that they found fascinating. Aliens that had compatible sex organs would have sex with Rache others would just play with him making him cum delighting in the helpless way he responded every time.

Rache did well in the bar when it was busy but this was another one of the slack times with customers and credits thin on the ground. Rache sat at the bar on a stool in only pair of briefs. He went round naked more often than not when customers were in as they like to see him naked his soft delicate and highly responsive genitals on display and within easy reach. If business stayed this slack it would take him even longer to earn enough credits to leave the planet. Today was particularly quiet only himself and the bar owner in the large bar. That was why Rache was surprised when he sensed some one sit down on the stool to his right and someone else on his left. With the bar empty he wondered why they sat down next to him.

Welcome what can I get you?”, the bar owner asked as he walked from the end of the long bar to serve the two new customers Rache could detect a little concern in the bar owners voice. The new comer sitting to his left ordered two drinks whisky Rache couldn’t remember aliens ordering drinks from earth before. Rache raised his head glanced to his left and stared in shock at the face staring back at him there was no face just a metallic mask with just two slits for eyes and a red circle between them. Rache looked at the rest of the strangers body it was clearly human from the exposed areas of flesh at the shoulders, sides of the thighs and upper body. The rest was covered in armour made from the same metal as the mask save that the masks were silvery and shining and the armour a dull light blue colour. The metallic face stared silently back at him. When Rache looked to his right there was another of these hybrid human fighters as the bar owner told him what they were later looking almost identical to the first one.

Human?”, the hybrid human fighter to the right asked. His voice was clearly human but with a metallic ring to it. “Human?”, its companion to his left posed the same question making Rache turn that way. “Human”, Rache replied staring at the second hybrid human fighter. When looking closer Rache noticed that the hybrid human was not really wearing the armour it seemed to be moulded to his body if not a part of it. The two hybrid human fighters took their drinks and moved towards one of the tables. “Be careful of those two”, the bar owner said quietly. “Why who are they?”, Rache asked. “They are Jeeprat a hybrid human species bred by a now all but extinct race as soldiers to fight in their wars”, the bar owner replied. “The Jeeprat rebelled and virtually wiped out their creators keeping only a few to continue to reproduce their kind”, he added. “What do they do now?”, Rache asked. “Serve as mercenary soldiers or security for star ships and some are even independent traders I suspect that’s what theses two are”, the bar owner replied.

Rache couldn’t help glancing across at the two Jeeprat as they sat at a table drinking. They had no mouths as such but a tube would extend from where their mouths should have been and suck in some the whisky. Rache was able to get a longer better look at them. He noticed that there skin while clearly human was darker than his and they had no genitals only moulded armour over their groins. Then Rache remember when the Jeeprat conversed with him they’d never spoke having no mouths but there words appeared in his head and he realised they must communicate by telepathy. The Jeeprat finished their whisky and came back to the bar standing either side of Rache again. “Your human?”, the Jeeprat on Rache’s right asked the bar owner. “No but he works for me tending tables and customers”, the bar owner replied. “Not a servant I though all human in this quadrant were subservient?”, the Jeeprat on Rache’s right said. “Not this one he’s earning credits to get back to his own quadrant”, the bar owner said.

He is available then for credits?”, the Jeeprat on the left asked. “Play with humans is supposed to be good”, he added. “You available Rache?”, the bar owner asked. “Yes for credits of course”, Rache replied. “Well these two Jeeprat are willing to pay and we both need the credits”, the bar owner said. “Jarem”, the Jeeprat on his left said. “Rache”, Rache said nodding and smiling to Jarem. “Jarak”, the Jeeprat on his right said or at least Rache sensed their words in his head. “More whisky him to”, Jarem ordered placing credits on the bar. “Come with us”, Jarak said placing more credits on the bar when the bar owner ha served three whiskies. Rache followed the Jeeprat back to their table where they drank the whisky in silence.

Once the whisky was drunk the two Jeeprat stood up and ordered Rache to do the same. “Take off”, Jarem ordered pointing to Rache’s briefs. “Sure when we have a few things straight”, Rache replied standing up. “No take off now or I take off”, Jarem said. “We pay credits”, he added. “I know but I just want to lay down the ground rules”, Rache replied. Suddenly Jarak grabbed Rache round the neck from behind in tight grip. “He take it easy I’ll cooperate”, Rache said grabbing Jarak’s arm around his neck. “More credits now I take them off”, Jarem said pulling Rache’s white briefs down exposing his cock and balls while Jarak held him tight. Jarem let them drop to the floor and Jarak made Rache step out of his briefs leaving him naked.

Rache watched Jarem clasp his limp cock with his right hand and press his nails into it making Rache wince but making his cock stiffen. Jarem then cupped Rache’s scrotum in his hand exploring it with his long nails making Rache wince some more and making his cock stiffen quicker. Both the Jeeprat nodded to each other as if pleased as Rache’s cock stiffened and grew larger. “Hands behind your back human”, Jarak said releasing Rache from the choke hold. “Why?”, Rache asked now able to breathe easier. “No questions we pay you obey”, Jarak replied pulling Rache’s arms behind his back. “OK take it easy”, Rache said not resisting. When Rache’s arms were behind his back and held together by Jarak’s strong hands Rache felt something cold cover his wrists. When Jarak let go of his arms he found his wrists were bound together and he could move his arms. With his arms secure behind his back the Jeeprat now had him helpless at their mercy.

Rache glanced down over his shoulders and saw some manacles made out of the same blue metal as the Jeeprat body armour. “Much better”, Jarak said moving round to stand next to Jarem. “Yes much better human”, Jarem said as the Jeeprat ran their hands over his upper body their fingers teasing and squeezing Rache’s nipples. “OK guys don’t hurt me”, Rache said sighing as the Jeeprat continued to work on his nipples. Rache was both scared and excited at being bound helpless by the Jeeprat and his cock stiffened to full erection and poked out proudly from his groin. “Human like this?”, Jarem asked as he ran his hands down Rache’s chest towards his groin. “Yes”, Rache sighed his cock twitching with excitement as he watched Jarem’s hands move closer to his cock and balls. Jarak kept teasing and squeezing Rache’s nipples making Rache cringe in excitement.

Rache moaned as Jarem grabbed his hard throbbing cock and started to pump it hard. Rache’s moans got louder as Jarem continued to pump his cock making him more and more excited rapidly pushing him towards ejaculation. Rache knew it wouldn’t be long before he ejaculated particularly the way Jarem was pumping his cock. Then Rache shuddered as he felt the fingers Jarak’s right hand run down his spine towards his arse. Rache caught his breath as Jarak’s finger run lightly over his buttocks. Rache stiffened clenching his buttocks as he felt Jarak press his fore finger up his arse. “Shit”, Rache moaned excitedly as Jarem pumped his cock and Jarak’s finger explored his arse teasing it mercilessly. Rache lasted for about thirty more seconds then grunted deeply as his cock exploded shooting spunk into the air.

The Jeeprat worked on Rache’s arse and cock relentlessly ensuring his ejaculation was long and draining. When Rache finally stopped cuming his weary body went limp and the Jeeprat let him crumple to the floor where he lay panting and sweating heavily. Jarak bent down and touched the manacles on Rache’s wrists and the metal became liquid and flowed back into his body. The Jeeprat left Rache were he lay and returned to the bar for another whisky each before leaving the bar. When the Jeeprat had gone Rache made his way back to the bar and sat talking to the bar owner. They were both pleased with the credits they earned although it left Rache feeling very weary. He knew it was necessary as he needed all the credits he could get if he wanted get back to his own quadrant.

The bar owner told Rache what he knew about the Jeeprat. The Jeeprat had modified brains as well as bodies a fusing of organic flesh computer and machine technologies. They were able to manipulate the bodies covering them in armour when fighting. They were grown like clones in a tank emerging at eighteen years old when the computer and machine functions would be fused with their bodies. At this point their sexual organs were removed as they were unnecessary as they did not need to reproduce. They are excellent merciless fighters with a cruel and sadistic streak enjoying making their enemies suffer. “They are dangerous then?”, Rache asked. “Very be careful of them”, the bar owner replied. “They were intrigued with you because you are human from where they originate”, he added. “They were certainly interested in my cock and balls maybe they miss their own?” Rache said. “No they would consider it a weakness and now they know its a human weakest spot remember that?”, the bar owner replied.

They fell silent for a little while. “I don’t suppose they will be back?”, Rache said. “Probably not pity they were good payers”, the bar owner replied. But as it turned out he was wrong. Later that afternoon Rache was entertaining two regular customers in one of the curtained off booths. They were two very short squat aliens only three feet tall with short but powerful arms and legs and a veracious appetite for his spunk. This was their third visit to the bar and use of Rache’s services. Rache had been in the booth for over an hour with them. One of them fucked his arse with a large dildo while the other sucked his cock greedily swallowing all of his spunk from his exhausting forced ejaculation. When he cum then they would swap places this had already happened and now he was being sucked and fucked towards his second draining ejaculation.

Rache knelt sweating and panting head down as one of the pigmy aliens fucked his arse hard with the large dildo and the other greedily sucked his cock. Rache knew it wouldn’t be long before he cum again but the pigmy sucking his cock seemed to be deliberately taking his time gorging on Rache’s pre-cum just keeping him on the brink of ejaculation without pushing him over the edge. Rache wondered how much longer these pigmy aliens would make him endure their dual assault when the curtain of the booth was pulled open. When Rache looked up his eyes bleary and glassy he saw the two Jeeprat were standing staring at him. “Human we have an offer for you we will be at the bar when your finished”, Jarak said. With a shudder and moan of excitement Rache nodded. The Jeeprat turned and walked to the bar leaving the curtain open allowing the customers in the bar to watch the pigmy aliens make Rache ejaculate again.

Being watched seemed to excite the pigmy aliens and they redoubled their efforts and quickly pushed Rache over the edge. Rache screamed as his cock exploded in the alien’s mouth and winced as the alien greedily sucked his balls dry leaving him spent and exhausted. Rache staggered out of the booth about ten minutes later still sweating and joined the two Jeeprat at the bar who passing the time drinking whisky. “Whisky?”, Jarem asked. “Thanks I will”, Rache replied and sat beside them. The strong whisky made Rache feel a little better. While Rache drunk his whisky Jarem told him they had short but profitable transport contract the Datoner system and that the Datoner system was a nearer than this system to his own quadrant and they would give him passage on their ship.

Rache was happy but told the Jeeprat that he didn’t think he had enough credits to pay for passage on their ship. Jarem told Rache they were making enough credits from the contract and he could become their bonded servant for the four day trip and pay for it that way. As slavery was legal in this quadrant it was not surprised or alarmed by their offer. “OK when do you leave?”, Rache asked. “When we get a departure docket”, Jarem replied. “We will be back in and hour you can decide then”, he added. The Jeeprat finished their whisky and left Rache at the bar thinking about their offer. “What do you think?”, Rache asked the bar owner who had over heard his conversation with the Jeeprat. “Its the best offer you will get and it will get you nearer you quadrant much sooner that waiting here the Datoner system is not off the beaten track like here”, the bar owner replied.

But you told me the Jeeprat were dangerous and to be careful?”, Rache said. “Agreeing to be their slave how do I know they will free me when we get to the Datoner system?”, he added. “If you draw up and file contract to that end and send a copy to the authorities in the Datoner system they won’t have any choice”, the bar owner replied. “I will draw you one up”, he added. “Thanks I suppose its the best idea”, Rache said with a shudder as he wondered what would happen to him when he was the Jeeprat’s slave for four days.

OK its all done”, the bar owner said a few minutes later. “The contract is ready to be signed by you all and I’ve set you up credit account with the quadrants banking system and paid in all the credits you have earned while working here”, he added. “Thanks that is great do you think the Jeeprat will agree to sign?”, Rache said. “They won’t have any choice if they want you to be their bonded servant for the trip”, the bar owner replied.

OK while we wait for them to come back you need to have you finger prints taken and a retina scan and make a voice sample”, the bar owner told Rache. “Why all three?”, Rache asked. “So you can identify yourself to access your account and all three increase the security of your identity”, the bar owner replied. Rache followed the bar owner to the computer consul behind the bar and provided finger prints a retina scan and a voice sample. “OK you now have access to your account via any computer consul in the quadrant”, the bar owner told Rache. That had taken quite a while so it wasn’t long before the Jeeprat returned. “Well human do you agree to be our bonded servant in exchange for trip to the Datoner system”, Jarak asked. “He does and he will be all yours when you sign this contract”, the bar owner replied.

The Jeeprat read the contract and agreed. “OK there is small charge for releasing him from my contract but if you all sign by saying I agree that will be it”, the bar owner stated. They all agreed and the contract was signed. “Hope you get home eventually I will miss you you’ve been good for business”, the bar owner said to Rache as he left with the Jeeprat. Rache collected his few things he kept in a shoulder bag and followed the Jeeprat to their space ship. The Jeeprat ship was in orbit and had been loaded with the lucrative cargo for the Datoner system and they flew the ship shuttle back into orbit and dock with the ship. Once on board the Jarem showed Rache to his quarters while Jarak readied the engines for departure. Rache stowed his gear and followed Jarem back t the bridge of the ship.

The Jeeprat was a large armed civilian freighter capable of defending itself against pirates and all but the largest space fleet battle cruisers. Jarak engaged the impulse engines and piloted them out of the system so the warp drive could be deployed. When the course set and implemented there was nothing more to do until the switch to warp drive was required. “OK human your job on this trip is to keep us amused”, Jarem told Rache. “As our servant you will obey our every command”, Jarak stated. “My first command is to remove those”, Jarak said pointing at Rache’s briefs. “Yes you will not need them again until you leave this ship”, Jarem said. “Take them to your quarters and return here”, Jarem ordered as Rache removed his briefs. Rache walked naked to his quarters and stowed his briefs with his other meagre belongings and returned to the bridge.

When Rache returned to the bridge Jarak was shutting down to impulse engines and starting up the warp engines. Rache waited while the ship went to warp and stared it journey to the Datoner system. “OK now we are free”, Jarak said. “Now you can entertain us”, Jarem said. “Hands on head legs apart we need to familiarise ourselves with you body again. Jarak said. Rache placed his hands on his head and opened his legs conscious of being naked in front of the two Jeeprat at their mercy and command as their bonded servant. Rache couldn’t stop his cock stiffening with excited anticipation at what the Jeeprat were going to do to him to keep themselves amused.

Jarem and Jarak fingered Rache’s nipples squeezing them between their fingers making Rache wince as his nipples stiffened and quickly became hard buds. Rache’s cock kept stiffening and growing as the Jeeprat played with his nipples. Rache glanced down as Jarem and Jarak stopped playing with his nipples and ran their hand down his chest and over is belly towards his groin. Jarem clasped Rache’s semi-hard cock in his hand and watched it get bigger and harder. Jarem peeled Rache’s foreskin rig back exposing his slick cock head. Jarem ran his finger tip all over Rache’s peeled cock head making Rache moan and his cock stiffen to full erection beads of per-cum leaked from the tip of Rache’s cock. Rache’s cock throbbed excitedly in Jarem’s hand.

While Jarem toyed with Rache’s cock Jarak took hold of his scrotum and cupped it in his hand while his fingers explored and probed Rache’s balls. Rache moaned as Jarak squeezed his balls making them hurt as the Jeeprat examined them with his fingers. “Humans weak too easily manipulated and control by pleasure”, Jarem said as he continued to toy with Rache’s hard throbbing cock. “By pain as well”, Jarak said squeezing Rache’s balls making him groan. To Rache’s relief Jarak let go of his balls and stepped behind him. Rache stiffened when he felt Jarak forcing his forefinger into his arse. Jarak forced his finger right into Rache’s arse and moved it around probing the inside of Rache’s anal passage. Jarak ran his finger tip over Rache’s prostate pressing the bud down then carried on probing around Rache’s anal passage.

However Jarak quickly returned to Rache’s prostate and started to rub and knead it with his finger tip. Jarem was still toying with Rache’s hard throbbing cock making Rache more and more excited. Jarak’s kneading finger tip made Rache gasp with excitement sending excited shocks through Rache’s cock forcing Rache onto his tip toes. Pre-cum ran out of Rache’s cock head as he got more and more excited. The Jeeprat were intrigued and carried on playing with Rache’s cock and working on his prostate. They both stared at Rache’s rock hard throbbing cock as spunk oozed out if the tip and dripped onto the floor. The spunk stopped after a few drops them started again twenty seconds later. The Jeeprat continued making more and more dribbles of spunk ooze from Rache’s cock slowly milking his balls dry.

Rache moaned his body sweating as he stared down in amazement watching the spunk ooze from his cock not shooting out hard like when he ejaculated. The sensation was highly exciting but not as intense as an ejaculation but Rache had never produced this amount of spunk even in his hardest ejaculation. When the spunk finally stopped oozing from Rache’s cock there was quite a large pool of it on the floor at his feet. “Why you stop?” Jarak asked as he continued to finger Rache’s prostate. “No spunk left my balls are dry”, Rache panted wearily. He may not have ejaculated but his strength and stamina seemed to drain away with his spunk. Jarak removed his finger from Rache’s arse and Jarem let got of his rapidly softening and shrinking cock. Rache stood there panting and sweating a dew drop hanging from the tip of his flaccid peeled back cock.

Jarem led Rache back to his quarters and showed him how to use the food replicator then told him to rest after eating they would have more fun with him later. Weary from being milked dry and his earlier long sex session in the bar Rache made and meal for himself then lay down on is bunk and was soon asleep.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 2011 full version available from where you can enjoy the rest of Raches's misadventures.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

cover of the male domination storybook robot mastery


Extract from the male domination story book robot mastery



Jarvis Jones was a thirty something freelance robotics engineer. Jarvis was 5’ 9” with a slim athletic body kept in trim with work outs at the gym. Jarvis had short black hair and his body was quite hairy, he had a nice uncut cock just over seven inches long when erect. Jarvis enjoyed kinky sex fetishes including bondage and being teased and tortured with definite submissive tendencies. Like nearly every human in the wider human Earth commonwealth a collection of terraformed worlds where the spread of modern humanity lived had robot servants. There were two types of Robots workers the most common and sentinels. Sentinels are specialist security robots assisting the security forces. Jarvis’s worker Robot was called Daniel.

Daniel a silver flow metal worker robot standard design model having articulated arms and legs with universal joints on the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Worker robots had three long narrow articulated fingers on each hand and a shorter thumb all tapering to a point. Worker robots had a narrow lower torso with a universal joint connected to their slim hips that allowed their upper torso to rotate 360 degrees. Worker robots had large chests and shoulders with no necks their heads merging with their shoulders. Their heads resembled a mediaeval knight’s helmet. They had two triangular eyes for normal vision and two thin red slits above them for infer red vision. Worker robots mouths resembled the over all shape of false beards of ancient Egyptian statues with an output speaker that illuminates when the robot is speaking. There mouths open and can assume any shape as they are made of flow metal. Both models of robots are deliberately designed to look non human but are bi polar and of similar size to humans although the sentinels are larger. It is forbidden to produce robots that resemble humans or androids in the Earth commonwealth.

All Earth commonwealth robots are governed by the four laws of robotics that are hard wired into their positronic brains. The four robotic laws are.

1 A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm,

2 A robot must obey and orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the first law.

3 A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with first or second law.

The fourth of also known as the zeroth law.

A robot may not harm humanity, or by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm

Jarvis was determined to make a modification to Daniel by mounting a fully functional replica of a human penis out of silver flow metal. He had sketched out the design modelling the shape and size on his own penis. Jarvis had the components and know how and his next task was to attach it to Daniel’s body and incorporate within his control system to function as part of his body. That was on today’s agenda Jarvis thought as he yawned coming awake as Daniel opened the curtains letting the light flood in through the windows.

Like many human owners Jarvis used Daniel for sex and sexual relief. But as Jarvis’s fetish was for bondage and being teased and tortured due to the four robotic laws he couldn’t get Daniel his personal robot to do these things to him. Daniel was expert at making Jarvis cum but not in the harder more kinky and extreme ways he craved. So Jarvis had been slowly tinkering with Daniel’s positronic brain functions to try and amend the four robotic laws. Jarvis knew this was against the law and criminal but he hoped if he could just slightly amend the robotic laws he would realise his dreams of Daniel dominating him with hard punishing bondage and sex. Jarvis’s hope lay with the fourth or zeroth law as it tended to compromise the first three laws.

Jarvis was looking into his bathroom mirror facing another day his naked hairy upper body was reflected back at him and his piss proud cock over five inches long surrounded by thick black pubes. “Shall I prepare your breakfast or will you shower first sir?”, Daniel asked he waited at the bathroom doorway. Daniel’s question brought Jarvis back from his day dream. “Er I’ll take a shower first Daniel”, Jarvis replied. “Very good sir I will start your breakfast in ten minutes”, Daniel stated. “Thank you”, Jarvis replied. “But as I have told you before Daniel call me Jarvis not sir”, Jarvis said. “As you wish Jarvis”, Daniel replied. “Thank you I do”, Jarvis said. Jarvis showered dried himself and slipped on some briefs before heading for the breakfast he knew Daniel would have ready for him.

Jarvis ate his breakfast while Daniel stood by waiting for him to finish. As Jarvis ate he thought about what he would like Daniel to do to him. Jarvis imagined himself spread-eagle helpless on a table top with Daniel’s long narrow pointed cold silver flow metal fingers running over his naked sensitive skin. Jarvis visualised them teasing his nipples the cold points pinching his hard erect nipples mercilessly. But the thought of his hard throbbing delicate sensitive cock clasped by those cold pointed flow metal fingers was really arousing. He’d experienced Daniel’s cold flow metal fingers wanking him to numerous very satisfying ejaculations. But never the forced draining ejaculations he craved. Even more Jarvis wanted to feel his delicate vulnerable balls being squeezed and teased between Daniel’s long pointed silver flow metal fingers.

The cold teasing touch would be highly arousing even more so would be the cold painful squeezing of his delicate vulnerable balls by the cold hard fingers more than capable of crushing them till they burst. Of course Jarvis had never realised this as the robotic laws prevented Daniel carrying out Jarvis’s orders to do just this to his body. However Jarvis was determined to achieve this whatever and however long it took. These thoughts made Jarvis’s cock stiffen to an erection and tent his thin tight red briefs. Jarvis knew another step toward this would be achieved today when Jarvis made the modification to Daniel by mounting a fully functional replica of a human penis out of silver flow metal.

Jarvis had originally worked for one of the major robotics companies on earth. But he resigned and moved to a small lightly populated planet called Arcadia on the very periphery of the Earth commonwealth to pursue his project of modifying Daniel. Arcadia suited his needs its low population away from too many prying eyes and surveillance yet still allowing him to take commissions to maintain his life style and fund his project. Yet as isolated as arcadia was it was still in the Earth common wealth and his work was monitored by the robots companies that commission works for him and the robotic control and security service. His tinkering so far using clandestine methods had managed to avoid discovery however Jarvis knew once he modified Daniel by grafting a penis on him that would not go unnoticed.

That in itself was not the problem but it would draw attention to him and he would find it almost impossible to keep and subsequent work and experiments secret from prying eyes. More worrying still if he did manage to amend Daniel’s laws of robotics it would trigger an alarm message to the robotics companies and the robotic control and security service. As all robots have such algorithms hard wired into their positronic sub circuits should any tampering or changes be attempted or achieved. To counter this threat Jarvis decided to carry his experiments on outside the Earth commonwealth. To this end Jarvis had a space ship fully equipped for his needs ready and waiting when he completed his modification of Daniel they would board and head out of Earth common wealth space.

Jarvis’s task was made easier as there was a giant gas filled anomaly within earth commonwealth space containing multiple solar systems. They had ever been colonised as the anomaly was raked by ion storms and other galactic phenomenon that adversely affected technological systems. It wasn’t really outside the commonwealth and his ships entry into it would be noted and security ships sent to find him. However the ion storms and other phenomenon made long range scanning either inaccurate or impossible allowing Jarvis to be able to avoid detection or at least he hoped. “Its time for your operation Daniel”, Jarvis told his robot. “The one to make me more sexually useful to you Jarvis?”, Daniel asked. “Yes the start of our new relationship and that of man to robot”, Jarvis replied. “I’m not sure that is wise Jarvis”, Daniel said. “I will be the judge of that Daniel”, Jarvis said. “Yes sir”, Daniel replied.

Follow me Daniel”, Jarvis ordered. “We have discussed this many times Daniel and I keep you informed of everything I do or propose to do”, Jarvis said as they walked to his laboratory and workshop. “I know Jarvis but that does not make it wise or acceptable”, Daniel replied. “Well don’t worry about it Daniel”, Jarvis said. “But I do worry about it sir”, Daniel replied. “A robot cannot do anything else”, he added. “I know but everything will be alright you will see”, Jarvis said they entered his laboratory and workshop. “If you say so Jarvis”, Daniel replied. “I do Daniel, I do”, Jarvis said. “Don’t worry you are doing nothing wrong Daniel it will be me who gets into trouble if we are discovered”, Jarvis added. “Yes I know Jarvis that’s why I worry about you”, Daniel replied.

Have you done what I requested?”, Jarvis asked Daniel and they collected the equipment they would need to perform the operation from the laboratory. “Yes the ship is fully equipped and ready to go anytime you want to”, Daniel replied. “Good wheel the table out into the corridor please”, Jarvis said. Daniel nodded and wheeled the stainless steel operating table out to the corridor where there were no surveillance cameras. “OK on the table Daniel please”, Jarvis said. “Yes Jarvis”, Daniel replied and climbed onto the operating table and lay down on his back. Jarvis then performed the tricky operation to meld the silver flow metal penis to Daniel’s body and connect it to his control system. “Its done Daniel try it out”, Jarvis said. “Yes Jarvis”, Daniel replied and the flaccid flow metal penis stiffened and the rose up to stand erect poking up in the air.

It is working to specifications”, Daniel after running a diagnostics check. “Yes it looks good a perfect replica in flow metal of my own penis”, Jarvis. “OK lets go and give it another operational check”, Jarvis said and he led Daniel to his bedroom. Jarvis’s cock stiffened in anticipation as Daniel removed his briefs. Jarvis lay down on the bed and spread his legs open. “OK Daniel fuck me with your new penis”, Jarvis ordered. “Yes Jarvis”, Daniel replied lubricating his new silver flow metal penis Daniel then lubricated Jarvis’s arse with his fingers. Jarvis gasped as Daniel’s cold pointed fingers penetrated his arse and lubricated it making his cock twitch excitedly.

Jarvis loved to feel the cold touch of Daniel long robotic fingers on his naked body particularly his cock and balls. Jarvis had made a sliver flow metal dildo and had Daniel use that on him being fuck by the cold solid invader had been very exciting more so as it was slightly painful the cold metal on his sensitive anal muscles and nerve endings. However Jarvis knew Daniel penis would be as cold but not dead pulsing with excitement just like a human penis. Daniel climbed on the bed and spread Jarvis’s legs apart and thrust his silver flow metal penis slowly into Jarvis’s arse. Jarvis gasped and opening his mouth wide as Daniel’s seven inch silver flow metal penis thrust slowly into his arse.

Jarvis shuddered groaning as the cold seven inch flow metal penis spread his and stretched his anal muscles and sphincter apart. Daniel thrust his flow metal penis all the way in and held it there for a few seconds making Jarvis squirm excitedly before slowly withdrawing it. “Fuck Daniel that was awesome”, Jarvis sighed panting heavily as Daniel held his legs apart the head of his seven inch flow metal penis pressing against the opening of Jarvis’s arse the cold touch making squirm. “It felt alive throbbing with excitement it works well although cold”, Jarvis said softly. “OK fuck me and properly this time give me it hard and fast Daniel”, Jarvis said his body trembling with excited anticipation. Jarvis squirmed as Daniel thrust his cold flow metal penis into his arse and started to fuck him.

The cold flow metal penis was quite painful until his anal muscles and sphincter got relaxed and stretched to accommodate the seven inch invader. However Daniel’s cold relentless and tireless penis soon had Jarvis gasping with excitement his cock semi-hard and throbbing. “Fuck your cold throbbing penis is irresistible Daniel”, Jarvis moaned excitedly. Jarvis realised it wouldn’t be long before Daniel made him cum. Daniel made it even more certain when he started to wank Jarvis’s semi-hard cock with his long cold flow metal fingers. Daniel’s attentions had Jarvis erect very quickly teasing Jarvis’s hard throbbing cock with his cold pointed fingers. When Daniel started to tease Jarvis’s perineum with the cold points of his fingers it was the last straw for Jarvis and Jarvis cum hard shooting onto his chest. Daniel kept fucking and wanking Jarvis ensuring Jarvis’s ejaculation was long and draining.

Oh fuck Daniel that was so fucking good I’ve excelled myself this time”, Jarvis said panting heavily as Daniel withdrew his flow metal cock from Jarvis’s arse. “Do you want me to fuck you again Jarvis?”, Daniel asked his flow metal cock still erect and throbbing. “No thank you Daniel lets wait until we are underway in space”, Jarvis replied. “Besides I’m weary and need some sleep wake me in the early hours and we should be able to get to the ship without meeting anyone on the way”, he added. “As you wish Jarvis Daniel replied and retired to the niche in the wall where he waited to serve Jarvis. Jarvis dozed off almost immediate and was woken several hours later by Daniel. Jarvis showered and dressed quickly and made his way to his waiting space ship with Daniel and it was as he hoped he didn’t meet anyone on the way.

Jarvis did not log a flight plan or use the automated guidance system that was available through out the Earth commonwealth. Instead he had Daniel pilot the space ship manually this prevented the authorities from knowing his destination although they could chart his course using the transponder carried by all space ships. They could see where he was but only guess his destination. Jarvis knew once the authorities realised he was gone and was operating the space ship manually and no flight plan was logged they would send a security ship after him. Jarvis planned to avoid the security ship by entering the gas filled anomaly in the centre of the Earth common wealth. He’d made Daniel plot a course that would slowly bring them close to the anomaly allowing the ship to slip into it before the authorities tracking him realised that was his destination.

Where will we go and what will we do once we are within the anomaly?”, Daniel asked. “Once inside the anomaly and out of contact with the security forces I will continue my experiments with you and you compliance with the laws of robotics Daniel”, Jarvis replied. “Are the ships facilities adequate for this Jarvis?”, Daniel asked. “More than at a push but of course somewhere large and planet based would be much more suitable”. Jarvis replied. “But I’m not aware of any habitable planet within the anomaly let along one that has development on it”, Jarvis added. “Just keep heading for the rendezvous point with the edge of the anomaly for now”, Jarvis ordered. “As you wish Jarvis”, Daniel replied. “Engage hyper warp drive but keep at up steady pace to keep them guessing”, he added.

The director of security for the Earth common wealth sat in his office contemplating the security problems the Earth Commonwealth was facing. Mostly drugs trafficking and smuggling of goods with organised crime syndicates also high on the agenda. Then an alert message flashed up on his screen from one of his sub officers in the field. Not an unusual in its self however it was the identity of the sub officer that was usual. He was from the covert department that monitored robotic affairs. Sub officer James Jordan robotics security and surveillance department concerning case number Jarvis Jones robotics freelance engineer 133589/Daniel/robot laws, the message header stated. The director opened the file and read it. Another robotic engineer trying to illegally subvert the robot laws was gist of the case the director mused.

There must have been some significant change for the sub officer to send him a security alert message. Probably a waste of time but another ambitious man looking to impress his superiors but I need to know what is happening just in case the director thought to himself. The Director made the call to sub Officer James Jordan he hoped it wasn’t a waste of time and had the feeling that it wasn’t. “Director Sir thank you for calling I have some important news regarding the Jarvis case”, sub officer Jordan said as his image appeared on the screen. “I would certainly hope so my time is valuable. “Yes sir as you know we have been keeping a watch on Jarvis Jones who we suspect of trying to subvert the robotic laws”, sub officer Jordan replied. “Yes I’m aware of that from the file notes sub officer”, the Director said.

Well there have been developments recently that indicate he was planning something he chartered a small space ship last week and has been getting it ready for what looks like a long flight from the amount of provisions he had stored aboard it”, sub officer Jordan said. “That is interesting and suspicious”, the Director said. “What is his destination on the flight plan?”, the Director asked. “I don’t no sir he hasn’t filed a flight plan”, sub officer Jordan replied. “That is suspicious?”, the Director said. “When he does let me know where he is going”, the Director added. “I’m afraid I cannot he left in the earlier hours of the morning with no flight plan logged under manual piloting”, sub officer Jordan said. “That is alarming I take it you are tracking him?”, the Director said. “Yes by the ship transponder we know where he is but have no idea of his destination. “Very well I will brief a security unit and have them follow his ship keep me informed of developments sub officer”, Director said ending the communication.

The director typed in the Jarvis space ship transponder codes and it appeared on the large screen displaying a schematic of Earth common wealth. The sub officer was right a fully provisioned ship with no fight plan and piloted manually meant that Jarvis was indeed up to something the Director thought to himself. The Director located the closest security ship to where Jarvis’s space ship was and opened communications with it. From the data file the Director noted that it was piloted by Captain Lance Anderson ex space marine now an Earth common wealth security officer, “Captain Anderson we have a security alert concerning possible robotic law violations”, the Director told Captain Anderson’s image on the screen. “The suspect at this moment is aboard a space ship under manual control without a flight plan logged”, the Director added. “A criminal act in itself sir”, Captain Anderson replied. “True but he no doubt has even more serious crimes planned captain”, the Director said. “You have all the files and his transponder code you will plot an intercept course ready to arrest him should it be necessary Captain”, the Director added. “Yes sir I will set course immediately”, Captain Anderson replied.

Excuse me sir but shouldn’t we arrest him anyway?”, Captain Anderson asked. “Yes but not at this moment we need to establish what he his up to”, the Director replied. “Just keep him under surveillance ready to be arrested when I say so”, the Director added. “As you wish sir my course is plotted getting underway now hyper warp drive engaged”, Captain Anderson said. The Director tagged the file as important to be alerted when there was any change and continued with his other security issues in the Earth commonwealth. Ten minutes later an alert flashed up on the Directors screen regarding the Jarvis case an update from sub officer James Jordan. A quick response something important has happened or changed to have this quick an update the Director thought to him self as he responded to the alert message.

Yes sub officer you have something to report regarding the Jarvis case?”, the Director asked. “Yes sir I have been reviewing the security camera logs on Arcadia”, sub officer James Jordan replied. “It took sometime as he avoided all but the last couple at the space port that are unavoidable”, he added. “I hope this report is to tell me than Jarvis’s cunning and you’re a diligence sub officer”, the Director replied. “Of course sir, much more I’ve attached the relevant footage”, the sub officer said. The director opened the file and watched the security images of Jarvis Jones and his worker Robot Daniel moving through the virtually deserted space port. “Good up to date images of both but hardly worth the call and my valuable time sub officer”, the Director stated. “No sir wait for the cleaned up close up images that are about to follow”, the sub officer replied.

The director watched and stared in disbelief. “Is that what I think it is?”, the Director asked some what taken aback by what he had just seen. “Yes sir I was shocked too when I saw it properly” the sub officer replied. “Jarvis as attached what we must assume is a fully working penis to his worker robot”, the sub officer added. “This is indeed a serious escalation and even more incriminating”, the Director said. “True but what else might he do or have planned?”, the sub officer said. “Yes it does not bear thinking about”, the Director replied. “Thank you sub officer I will deal with this now”, the Director added. The Director immediately called Captain Anderson and made him aware of the change of circumstances and the serious escalation of the case.

So Captain Anderson you intercept him and arrest Jarvis and his Robert at the earliest instant”, the Director stated. “Yes sir increasing to emergency hyper warp speed”, captain Anderson replied. “Ships are being prepared to meet you on your route so you can keep employing maximum emergency hyper warp speed”, the Director said. “The location of the rendezvous are plotted on the map now”, he added. “Acknowledged sir”, Captain Anderson replied. Captain Anderson plotted to points into the navigation controls then accessed the footage of Jarvis and his robot recorded at the Acadia space port. Captain Anderson was as shocked as the Director when he saw the modification to Jarvis’s robot and knew that speed in arresting both was now imperative.

Jarvis and Daniel’s space ship was well on it way the point where they would enter the anomaly. Daniel was piloting the ship keeping check of its course and anything avoid on their trajectory as they were in manual control. “Do a long range scan and plot anything we need to avoid”, Jarvis told Daniel. “Yes Jarvis but why?”, Daniel replied. “Because I need you for something else”, Jarvis replied. I want to put your new flow metal penis to use again. “As you wish Jarvis”, Daniel said running a long range scan. “Completed Jarvis we have three hours before I have to run another long range scan”, Daniel said. “Excellent more than enough time”, Jarvis replied starting to remove his clothes. When he was naked Jarvis turned his back on Daniel and waited.

Jarvis stood naked his cock stiffening in anticipation waiting to see what Daniel would do. Jarvis gasped as he felt Daniel’s cold flow metal penis enter his arse and slowly drive all the way in. The cold flow metal penis spread his anal muscles and sphincter making him catch his breath from the initial pain. A shiver of excitement rippled through Jarvis’s body as Daniel’s cold sharp fingers clasped his chest teasing his now hard nipples. Jarvis started to moan excitedly as Daniel thrust his cold flow metal penis in and out of his arse. “Oh yes Daniel that’s so good”, Jarvis moaned. “Fuck me faster fuck me harder”, he sighed excitedly. Daniel increased the speed and strength of his thrusts making Jarvis squirm with excitement. Daniel had never fucked him standing up before and Jarvis found the experience very arousing.

Daniel obeyed fucking Jarvis faster and harder making him more and more excited. Jarvis knew that Daniel was learning fast his flow metal cock throbbing and spasming like a real cock. Jarvis gasped and panted heavily his cock rock hard and leaking pre-cum fluid as Daniel relentlessly fucked him. Daniel’s cold sharp fingers wandered all over Jarvis’s body making him even more aroused. Jarvis was forced on to his tip toes and Daniel rammed his cock in and out of Jarvis’s arse. Sweating and panting his cock so hard it was flat against his belly Jarvis knew he was close to ejaculation and he knew it was going to be an intense ejaculation. “Oh Daniel this is so fucking good don’t stop fuck me stupid give me more much more”, Jarvis gasped breathlessly.

Daniel did just that filling Jarvis with an intense excitement. Daniel adapted the shape of his flow metal cock so it now stroked Jarvis’s prostate gland with every thrust in and out. Jarvis’s cock became highly sensitive rushing him towards what he now knew would be an explosive ejaculation. Jarvis squealed loudly as Daniel’s cold sharp fingers grasped his iron hard highly sensitive cock and he nearly emptied his balls but hovered on the very brink of ejaculation. It was a very tiring and highly frustrating as he wanted to cum and fucking needed to cum so bad but it just wouldn’t go that last little step. Daniel’s fingers fiendishly teased his over excited cock so excited it was almost painful while continuing his relentless fucking of his arse and merciless milking of his prostate.

However when Daniel’s cold sharp fingers started to tease his balls and perineum it was just too much. “Fucking hell I’m going to fucking cum”, Jarvis screamed hoarsely as he felt the spunk rapidly rising up his now painfully excited cock. Daniel slipped his flow metal cock out of Jarvis’s arse and slipped round in front of him faster than a human could move. As the spunk erupted out of Jarvis’s cock Daniel was kneeling and had his mouth over the tip of Jarvis’s cock. Daniel’s flow metal mouth altered to be a tight fit around Jarvis’s hard cock. Daniel sucked in and swallowed Jarvis’s spunk while he used one of his long sharp metal fingers to massage Jarvis’s prostate making sure Jarvis cum for along time virtually draining Jarvis’s balls dry. The long intense ejaculation totally exhausted Jarvis and he slumped into Daniel’s arms. The feeling of Daniel’s cold mouth on his cock had been shattering almost driving him wild with excitement. These were the thoughts that filled Jarvis foggy confused brain as he slumped in Daniel’s arms.

Daniel carried Jarvis’s limp body and lay it on his sleeping couch. “Oh god that was intense but so fucking good”, Jarvis sighed breathlessly. “You never sucked my cock or swallowed my spunk before?”, Jarvis panted. “No Jarvis but I never had a cock before”, Daniel replied. “Do you want me to fuck you again?”, Daniel asked. “Well I’m fucking exhausted”, Jarvis replied breathlessly. “I’ll do it much slower and easier this time”, Daniel said. “OK go ahead”, Jarvis panted shivering slightly as Daniel spread his legs apart and slowly thrust his flow metal penis into Jarvis’s arse. Daniel’s slow deliberate thrusts quickly had Jarvis panting with excitement and shrunken cock started to stiffen and quickly became fully erect. Jarvis moaned excitedly his cock standing to attention as Daniel continued his slow deliberate fucking.

Jarvis gasped and squirmed in excitement as Daniel continued to fuck him slowly getting Jarvis more and more excited. Daniel adjusted the shape of his flow metal penis so it kneaded Jarvis’s prostate intensifying Jarvis’s excitement and arousal. “Oh fucking hell, ...... fucking, ..... so good, .... so good”, Jarvis panted excitedly. His cock was now very excited and sensitive it was almost painful. His cock was very sensitive and it felt like when he was desperate to piss when he could find no where to piss and had the try and hold it in. “Oh fuck you’re going to make me cum again”, Jarvis moaned hoarsely. “Yes of course I am Jarvis”, Daniel replied bending down. Daniel’s flow metal mouth open and force the shape to fit around Jarvis’s hard throbbing cock. Jarvis almost screamed as Daniel’s cold mouth closed over his highly aroused cock.

Fucking hell”, Jarvis’s croaked as his cock head was encased by Daniel’s cold flow metal mouth. Daniel continued to fuck Jarvis kneading his prostate with every thrust while sucking his cock mercilessly. The cold cock suck was just too much for Jarvis and he screamed as his cock exploded shooting spunk into Daniel’s mouth. Daniel started to suck even harder and his sharp cold fingers teased Jarvis’s balls sending Jarvis’s excitement off the scale. Jarvis came hard again another long draining orgasm as Daniel used his cock mouth and fingers to drain Jarvis dry. Jarvis body went limp he’d never had two such intense ejaculations so close together before. Daniel removed his mouth from Jarvis’s rapidly shrinking cock and straightened up. Daniel continued to slowly fuck Jarvis’s arse as Jarvis lay there barely conscious.

Daniel continued his slow deliberate fucking of Jarvis’s arse as Jarvis slowly recovered from his draining exhausting ejaculations. Daniel’s cold cock felt so good as it fucked his arse. “Oh that was marvellous”, Jarvis moaned. “I’ve never cum so hard and long before let alone twice and so close together”, Jarvis panted. “Your cock is working perfectly even better than expected”, Jarvis said his eyes vacant and glassy. “Yes it seems to be”, Daniel replied. “However I have one last surprise for you regarding my new cock”, Daniel said. “What’s that?”, Jarvis asked a shiver of excitement rippling through his body. “This”, Daniel replied as his flow metal cock ejaculated. Jarvis mouth opened wide and his whole body shuddered in excitement as cold liquid was pumped into his highly excited anus. “Its your own spunk I’m filling your arse with Jarvis”, Daniel said as he continued to shoot cold spunk into Jarvis’s arse.

Daniel filled Jarvis’s are with the spunk from both of his long ejaculations and it was like having a cold enema. When Daniel finally stopped ejaculating he slipped his flow metal penis slowly out of Jarvis’s arse. “That was a surprise alright I never designed your cock to function that way”, Jarvis sighed wearily. “No it was a little adoption of my own”, Daniel replied. “A good and exciting one”, Jarvis moaned as he felt the cold spunk running out oh his arse. So weary and exhausted was Jarvis that his eyes closed and he remembered no more. Jarvis came round some time later he was alone and on his couch. Jarvis lay there still too weary to get up thinking about the intensely exciting sex session he’d just had with Daniel and how Daniel’s new cock performed well beyond his expectations.

By friar Copyright 2011

Extract from a longer story

cover of the lair of the cock master part 2